8 Year Old Pure Single Jamaican Rum - Hampden Estate Rum
  • 8 Year Old Pure Single Jamaican Rum - Hampden Estate Rum
  • 8 Year Old Pure Single Jamaican Rum - Hampden Estate Rum

New InHampden Estate Rum

8 Year Old Pure Single Jamaican Rum


One of the greatest rums we’ve ever stocked…

Hampden Estate 8 Year Old Pure Single Jamaican Rum is very much a Grand Cru rum for those “in the know”. Brimming with roasted nuts, mango, charred pineapple, barbequed banana, spiced beef jerky, desiccated coconut, mint, Thai basil, marmalade on yeasty fresh bread, and toasted cumin, cinnamon and clove smashed to smithereens in an oak pestle and mortar. Crafted using components at three different marques (the ester ranges used in Jamaica), including one at the extreme level of 1,600ppm. Wonderfully expressive, this rum offers incredible value for money. It’s a joy to sip neat, or would make a fabulous Mai Tai, Daiquiri or rum take on an Old Fashioned.

Although usually reserved for artisanal and fine wines, the term ‘terroir’ refers to environmental factors that create a distinctive character in the product, in other words a sense of place. Due to over-manipulation and use of raw ingredients from far afield, it has rarely been applied to spirits… until now. Originally Scottish-owned and active non-stop since 1753, Hampden is one of the oldest cane field owners in Jamaica, and it produces high ester rum with true terroir. Based in Trelawny, it’s one of only two rum distilleries in the entire world to use both their own spring water and sugar, and to also employ purely pot stills, wild fermentation and no addition of sugar or colouring. Master Distiller Vivian Wisdom also reserves both the dunder (non-alcoholic stillage) in wooden vats and the thick dark and bubbling gloop lovingly referred to as ‘muck’ (the skimmings from fermentation and by-products of the production process), these are reintroduced to their fermented molasses creating a completely unique fruity funk. As wild as the biodiversity that surrounds the distillery, this is a craft rum like no other on the planet.

You may be wondering why Hampden Estate is only whispered about by cocktail bartenders and diehard rum geeks, rather than being a household name like Appleton and Wray & Nephew. Especially as it has inspired rum experts like Richard Seale and Luca Gargano. Well, that’s because very little rum has been bottled under the Hampden name. Over the years most of it has found its way into well respected tots such as Smith & Cross, Rum Fire and Duppy Share, as well as limited editions from cult independent bottlers like Velier, Hunter Laing, Mezan and Berry Brothers & Rudd. This is one of the first to be released under the Hampden Estate name, and we do partly love it because it has crocodiles on it.

£11.14 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3914806

Style No.: 914995

Country: Jamaica
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 46%
Volume: 700ml

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