Eggs With Legs - Jewel Edition - Harvey Nichols
  • Eggs With Legs - Jewel Edition - Harvey Nichols
  • Eggs With Legs - Jewel Edition - Harvey Nichols
  • Eggs With Legs - Jewel Edition - Harvey Nichols

Harvey Nichols

Eggs With Legs - Jewel Edition


Better than any bonnet, this fabulous hand-painted, individually decorated egg cup created by the celebrated ceramic designer Mary Rose Young is the ultimate breakfast accessory.

Eggs With Legs were created exclusively for Harvey Nichols; each colourful egg cup comes topped with a foil-wrapped hollow chocolate egg. When you’ve devoured the chocolate, you will be left with a work of art that will ensure your boiled egg is always the best-dressed breakfast in town.

Available in two styles; the Rose Edition is a play on the artist's name and features a rosebud-shaped fastening on the shoe and a floral pattern, while the Jewel Edition has a slightly more bling buckle and stripy breeches. Only 125 of each of the two designs have been produced and every cup has been individually numbered. No two egg cups are the same; each one, having been crafted and painted by hand, is completely unique, so colours may vary from those pictured.

Born in Uxbridge, Mary Rose Young spent her childhood constantly on the move, nurturing in her a passion for painting and reimagining the interiors of each new house. Finally settling down, she studied ceramics at Wolverhampton Art College during the height of the punk revolution, something that clearly inspired her love of shocking colour and genre-redefining design. Her first pieces were sold at a Bristol street market in the early 1980s; she has now achieved worldwide fame with stockists from Canada to Ukraine. Mary Rose describes her style as “Alice in Wonderland”, a concept that can be instantly understood by anyone who falls down the rabbit hole into her vibrant and flamboyant workshop in The Forest of Dean.

Care instructions: wash by hand.

£20000 per 100.00g

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Foiled Hollow Chocolate Egg Ingredients (25g): Milk Chocolate (Sugar, While Milk Powder, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, Emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Flavouring: Vanillin). Minimum Cocoa Solids 28%, Minimum Milk Solids 14%. Allergy notes: milk, soya. May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts.