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Tequila Reposado


In Aztec mythology there’s a folk story called ‘Centzon Tōtōchtin’, meaning ‘four-hundred rabbits’. It tells of Mayhuel (the goddess of the agave plant) and Patecatl (the god who discovered the fermentation process), whose union produced the eponymous bunnies. These mischievous offspring liked to get together for good times and drunken parties. Think of them as the Mesoamerican answer to Dionysus, a.k.a. Bacchus. Mijenta Tequila was inspired by the tale of these rabbits and Mexico’s colourful heritage. Obviously, they’re not suggesting we all become little drunken bunnies, everything in moderation, but their delicious spirit certainly provides social lubrication at parties. Maybe it makes the people ‘hoppy’.

Ana Maria Romero Mena – the Maestra Tequilera who creates Mijenta Blanco in the Jalisco Highlands – trained in wine originally, but fell in love with Tequila in the mid-1990s. This maybe explains why her spirits are so gastronomic and complex, as proven by the whopping and well-deserved score of 99 points Mijenta Tequila Reposado received from Tasting Panel Magazine in America. We adore the hints of vanilla, Earl Grey tea, roasted agave, honey, poached pear, dried cherry, orange blossom, toasted hazelnut, banana split, cacao nibs and peppery spice. Aged for up to six months in a mix of American oak, French oak and acacia casks, this makes a spectacular Margarita. But it’s best enjoyed neat alongside tacos, complex Mexican mole, pibil or quinoa salads with an orangey dressing.

The Mijenta Tequila brand was built on a desire to protect Mexican heritage and preserve the environment. That’s where co-founder Elise Som, a sustainable designer and environmental consultant, comes in. Ana Maria Romero Mena takes care of making sure it tastes good, Elise Som makes sure it does good. So, they take great care of the land where the agave grows, arrange beach clean ups, help to protect whales in Guerrero and have even created a community foundation to promote and protect the ancestral skills that go into Tequila making. On top of all that, they make their labels from agave waste and reclaimed burlap coffee bags, and their eco-certified packaging is all locally produced. That’s why we say, “Mijenta por la gente.”

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Country: Mexico
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 700ml

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