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Juniper Sparkling Water 330ml


We knew there was a reason we like juniper so much, and it’s not just because of gin; detoxing juniper berries cleanse the liver and are historically known to reduce bloating. Subtly peppery and earthy with a revitalising feel, No. 1 Botanicals Juniper Water is a great drink for when you’re not drinking, offering an unmistakable tang of gin with all the benefits of a detox. However, we have to let you into a little secret - if you are drinking, it also makes a great mixer with Vermouth, a refreshing St-Germain Cocktail, or a classy alternative to soda in any gin highball.

In the remarkable Italian village of Acciaroli, at least one in ten of the residents lives to the age of 100. Scientists discovered that the diet of the locals included a higher than average consumption of rosemary, long purported to have health benefits including enhanced memory performance and blood flow. Inspired by this, the now legendary Rosemary Water was created using two simple ingredients: pure spring water and rosemary botanical extract. Now, in collaboration with The Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, No.1 Botanicals has created nine new flavours, each with their own health benefits. Harvey Nichols is proud to introduce Mother Nature’s medicine cabinet. Just like the original, there’s no preservatives, sugars, sweeteners, salt or allergens.

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Ingredients: Sparkling Certified Spring Water, Pure Natural Juniper Extract.