Ventresca Bonito White Tuna Fillets 110g - Ortiz
  • Ventresca Bonito White Tuna Fillets 110g - Ortiz
  • Ventresca Bonito White Tuna Fillets 110g - Ortiz


Ventresca Bonito White Tuna Fillets 110g


Silky and light as billowing boat sails; with that unmistakable twang of the Atlantic Ocean. Ventresca Bonito White Tuna Fillets are the finest White Tuna; line caught one at a time in the Bay of Biscay boats and preserved in high-quality olive oil inside a classic oval can. According to Conservas Ortiz, it is possible to create a cellar of this Bonito del Norte that, like fine wine or mature cheese, will improve with age.

These white tuna fillets are so delicious they don't need anything too elaborate to accompany them. We recommend enjoying this tuna in a baguette, salad, stuffed tomato or picnic. Alternatively, stir it though simply cooked lentils with a dash of lemon juice and a few rocket leaves.

The iconic, primary-coloured packaging of Conservas Ortiz has been seen on the shelves of the world’s finest delicatessens for over a century. Focussing on rod, line-caught tuna and anchovies off the northern coast of Spain, as their forefathers did, Ortiz’s products should not be thought of as simply ‘tinned fish’. Each product is a handmade delicacy, fresh from the sea with a deep-rooted history that harks back to an era when flavour was king.

£13.35 per 100.00g

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Full Ingredients:

Ingredients: White Tuna, Olive Oil and Salt.

Allergy notes: fish.

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