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Dry Dragon Premium Kombucha Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine 275ml


According to The Independent, “REAL Kombucha… is 8,000% better than all other kombuchas on the market.” And we thoroughly concur. So, whether you’re looking for a non-alcoholic wine alternative for Dry January and Sober October, or are just trying to stock up a more mindful and inclusive drinks cabinet, you’ve just discovered one of the most exciting options out there…

Crafted using a pan-roasted green tea grown in Zhejiang province in China, REAL Kombucha’s Dry Dragon takes its name from the tea, Longjing, which translates as ‘dragon well’. The roasting adds nutty and hay-like notes to the typical cut grass flavours of the green tea. When you brew kombucha using Longjing tea, it buzzes with grapefruit sorbet, lemon zest, meadows in summer, toasted hazelnuts, dry grass and green leaves. Light, fresh and citrusy, REAL Kombucha’s Dry Dragon feels almost like a sophisticated sparkling Sauvignon Blanc. Chill it down, pour it into a flute and treat it as you would any Champagne or sparkling wine, because this is a mythical kombucha worth celebrating. Otherwise, you can sip it as an alternative to crisp white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling or Bacchus alongside something suitably verdant, think broccoli, asparagus, avocado or green salads.

For those not familiar with kombucha, it’s simply fermented tea. Brewed by combining warm sweetened tea with a scoby (symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast), which is the fun name for the live cultures that kick off the fermentation process. Once that’s complete, most of the sugar is eaten by the yeast (which means kombucha doesn’t sit heavily on the waistline) and all that remains is a slightly tart drink with a very small amount of alcohol of around 0.5% ABV, which is classed as alcohol-free by EU law and is like the level you might find in a ripe banana or some orange juice. Kombucha is caffeinated, because it’s made from tea, but REAL Kombucha brew theirs at a lower strength than your average cuppa. So hopefully it will only be the partying that keeps you up all night.

Back in 2016, David Begg had pretty much given up on drinking. As a big foodie, he missed pairing wine with his meal though, and he noticed that those choosing not to drink alcohol were not really catered for in any serious or meaningful way. It was at this point that a friend introduced him to a rich oolong kombucha and REAL Kombucha’s story began. David’s first brew was made with a silver needle tea bought on a family holiday in India. The floral and aromatic results told him he was on to something big. To perfect the range, he teamed up with a nutrition innovator called Adrian Hodgson and a tea expert, Will Battle. Together they experimented with 150 different teas and worked closely with craft beer brewers and wine and Champagne makers, creating the finest Premium Kombucha Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine on the market. As Stylist put it: “Kombucha might conjure up visions of hipsters in colourful leggings, but REAL Kombucha has been brewed specifically as an alternative to alcohol. So good, you’ll find it on the menu at Heston Blumenthal’s The Fat Duck.” And the list doesn’t stop there, there’s also Clove Club, Hakkasan, Michelin-starred restaurants run by the likes of Tom Kerridge and Sat Bains, and many more.

£1.27 per 100.00ml

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Full Ingredients:

Tea, Sugar, Live Cultures.

Contains Alcohol, 0.5%.

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