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Sadō Hojicha Gin 500ml


Add a little Japanese ceremony to your afternoon tea, by adding in a Mar-tea-ni or a G & Tea…

Don’t worry, the name is not a reference to the melancholy gin is sometimes reputed to induce. Sadō is Japanese for “The Way of Tea”. So, as we’ve alluded to, this is a Japanese tea-based gin. Hojicha to be precise, which is a roasted green tea. Hojicha is a style of tea invented in Kyoto 100 years ago, although the one used in this gin was grown on a single estate in Okumikawa. This tea is roasted in porcelain over charcoal, imparting a nutty, toasty and gently sweet flavour.

Sadō Hojicha Gin is distilled in small batches of around 200 bottles in a top-secret distillery in the United Kingdom. As well as the roasted green tea, there are seven other botanicals used: juniper, coriander, lemongrass, sweet orange peel, orris root, elderflower and pink peppercorn. The hit of the nutty, verdant and slightly tannic Hojicha is unmistakable, and it combines beautifully with that piney juniper, citrus, floral and herbal notes. It’s a harmonious brew that makes a fabulous Martini (and you can always just tell people you’re having a cup of tea), or gin and tonic garnished with a twist of orange peel. We also really enjoy it with soda water, so that you can really concentrate on the refined nuances of the gin itself.

Sadō Gin was founded by Adam Lajca, who has spent nearly two decades working in the hospitality industry, most notably as the head cigar sommelier at the Corinthia Hotel in London. So, maybe try pairing your Martini with a cigar? We look forward to him making a “Gin-maicha” next. Do you see what we did there?

£9.6 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3447318

Style No.: 880690

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 46%
Volume: 500ml

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