Premium Sea Salt & Ras El Hanout 100g - Soso


Premium Sea Salt & Ras El Hanout 100g


Inspired by the yellow sand of the Sahara, this evocative salt-spice blend transports you straight to the desert. Ras el hanout is North Africa’s go-to seasoning. Meaning ‘top of the shop’, it’s a carefully guarded secret blend of the very best in the spice masters arsenal, sometimes combining more than twenty different spices. Soso’s Premium Sea Salt & Ras El Hanout can be used to add a warm Moroccan depth of flavour to roasted nuts, tagines, grilled fish, tabbouleh and slow-cooked rice, or it can be rubbed into meat or stirred into butter or yoghurt.

You’ve mastered the culinary arts, but now it’s time to become a black belt in seasoning. Soso’s innovative egg-shaped salts combine award-winning design with a fiesta of flavour. Their infused, spiced and perfumed salts are fast becoming essentials for the fashionista’s kitchen. Established in 2008, just outside Murcia in southeast Spain, Soso’s creations are guaranteed to banish the bland and take your gastronomic labours to new heights. 

£7.95 per 100.00g

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Ingredients: Sea Salt (85%), Ras El Hanout (15%).