Stay Strong & Detox - One Week - STELLAME
  • Stay Strong & Detox - One Week - STELLAME
  • Stay Strong & Detox - One Week - STELLAME


Stay Strong & Detox - One Week



This is a Beyond Beauty product which means it has been sourced, tried and tested and finally declared one of the most new and innovative heroes out there.

Stay Strong & Detox Pads are the energizers in the StellaMe Foot Pad range. They contain 70% tourmaline as well as a fine blend of bamboo vinegar, the medicinal mushroom agaricus and chitosan. Furthermore, an additional ingredient has been added, i.e. ground loquat leaves that make the mixture more effective and promote detoxifying and cleansing of the body.

Tourmaline has a powerful and energizing effect on the body. The bamboo vinegar and medicinal mushroom have a cleansing and strengthening effect on the immune system. Houttuynia cordata, also known as chameleon plant, is also used in traditional Chinese herbal culture as a detox cure.

Now available as a One Week treatment to restore the body’s lost energy, they help with acute fatigue and exhaustion. The Stay Strong pads are ideal for those who need to recharge their ´batteries´. The high proportion of tourmaline helps to promote vitality. According to  centuries-old Asian culture and traditional Chinese herbal culture, these pads are very stimulating and provide a high level of energy.

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Good health is the most precious gift of life. Inspired by centuries-old Asian medicine, StellaMe is devoted to developing products designed to maintain a healthy, balanced body, while offering support for removing impurities and encouraging wellness. The StellaMe Detox Pads contain a large proportion of healing tourmaline and are formulated to meet the needs of today’s busy lifestyles.


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