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Stranger & Sons x Four Pillars Trading Tides Coastal Dry Gin


Trading Tides Coastal Dry Gin is a collaboration between two of the gin world’s most exciting and maverick distilleries: Four Pillars in Australia and the lovely folk behind Stranger & Sons in India. Trading strange ideas across the tides of the Indian ocean during lockdown in 2020, they created something beautiful out of the strangest situation.

Four Pillars provided a parcel of Australian lemon myrtle, anise myrtle and river mint, and Stranger & Sons distilled it with Indian mangosteen, kokum and tamarind. They also added juniper, white pepper, fresh ginger, orange peel, lime peel, angelica, liquorice, coriander, cassia and grapefruit seeds, so you know it’s going to be an extremely complex brew. Fast becoming our favourite for a Martini and a gin and tonic, the immensely spicy Trading Tides Coastal Dry Gin has to be tasted to be believed.

Stranger & Sons Gin is created at the Third Eye Distillery in Goa. It’s an ode to the cultural diversity of contemporary India. Their standard gin has been awarded a Gold at The Gin Masters 2021, crowned a Master at The Asian Spirits Masters 2021 and rated at an “outstanding” 5+ points by Difford’s Guide for Discerning Drinkers (their highest score possible). So, when they start experimenting, that spells exciting times ahead. What we love most about Stranger & Sons Gin is that to support the community, local women are employed by the distillery to turn the leftover citrus peel into preserves, pickles and cordials. We wish we could get our hands on some of those too.

Four Pillars is an old Harvey Nichols favourite. This small Australian distiller craft awe-inspiring gins in a copper still called Wilma. A no expense spared approach – Wilma was crafted by Germany’s oldest maker who only create 25 stills per year – and immense attention to detail ensures a top-quality product. For example, it took them 18 months just to decide on the ten base botanicals for their gin, they triple filter their Yarra Valley water, their gins are produced in batches of just 460 bottles, and they tend to use whole citrus in the distilling process – quite an unusual approach.

£7.07 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3447623

Style No.: 880810

Country: India
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 42.8%
Volume: 700ml

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