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CRU744 Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


Extra virgin olive oil is like fine wine. Grow the right variety in the perfect place and treat the fruit with love, and you’ll be highly rewarded.

CRU744 Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from Nocellara Etnea olives harvested from Tenuta San Demetrio’s finest plot – parcel 744 on the slopes of Mount Etna. These late-ripening green olives, which are dappled like the skin of a Granny Smith, are picked and cold pressed within eight hours. The oil that’s released is verdant and lively with the tang of cutgrass, artichoke, tomatillo, tomato vine, wild herbs and spice. So intensely delicious, this is a finishing oil to be drizzled over salads, ravioli, steamed greens and steak, or to be dabbed at with freshly baked bread.

Tenuta San Demetrio is based in Lentini on the sunny island of Sicily, Italy. Here they work tirelessly to keep the ancient traditions and native olive varieties alive on the island’s east coast.

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Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil.