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The Oxford Artisan Distillery

Oxford Pure Rye Spirit Miniature 50ml


Oxford Pure Rye Spirit is not a whisky, but a preview of what’s to come from The Oxford Artisan Distillery.

Most distilleries release their new-make spirit to demonstrate where they’re going and to pique the interest of those joining the journey, but this distillery in Oxford always does something a little different. Introducing the purest expression of their ancient heritage rye, triple distilled and rested briefly in specially selected new American oak casks. The experience is a mesmerising blend of sandalwood, vanilla, praline, roasted nuts, sourdough and mulling spices. A joy to sip neat when you don’t want something quite as heavy and oak laden as a whisky.

Interestingly, these miniatures are from one of the first expressions. The label has since been updated and they’ve moved to double distilling rather than triple distilling. And that makes these a little more collectable and unusual.

The Oxford Artisan Distillery opened its doors in the summer of 2017, and unbelievably it marked the first legal distillation in the city’s history. The team are fascinated by heritage grains, sustainable farming and a grain-to-glass ethos. They’re not interested in homogenous, commercial, bought-in-bulk seeds grown in the opposite of a natural ecosystem. So, they took influence from wheat and rye discovered in Medieval thatched roofs, which lead them to discover what would have been grown in the local area during ancient times. They then work with organic farms that use no pesticides, fungicides, chemical fertilisers or manure, and who undersow their crops with clover. As a result, the fields are brimming with wildflowers, insects, birds and biodiversity. Now that’s an eco-friendly spirit that this country can be very proud of.

SKU No.: 3389421

Style No.: 863077

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 50ml

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