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Toffee Apple Moonshine Glass Pack 200ml


The Sweet Potato Spirit Company’s Toffee Apple Moonshine is handcrafted from scratch using sweet potatoes to create a nostalgic and indulgent experience. The master moonshiners take your taste buds on a trip into layers of fluffy vanilla caramel and molten marshmallow. We could try and wax lyrical about notes of crème brûlée, baked apples, Granny Smiths, buttery caramel and brandy snaps, but while it has all those things, one sip from the bulbous balloon glass in this gift pack is pure Toffee Apples. All the fun of the fair, Bonfire Night and trick or treating. Simply heaven and perfect for sipping over ice around Halloween and the autumnal months.

Potatoes have been used to make all kinds of spirits for many moons. On the subject of moons, The Sweet Potato Gin Company were inspired by the creativity of moonshiners and the artisan methods of the craft scene. Their raw materials come from the Scott family in North Carolina, who have four generations’ worth of experience growing and handpicking sweet potatoes, a labour of love as they take more than 90 to 120 days to cultivate. Their super smooth sweet potato base spirit is created in copper pot stills and is then infused with the finest ingredients to create a taste sensation.

And if you are still finding this a little weird, think of it this way… sweet potatoes are only distantly related to potatoes, they’re actually the roots of a flower similar to morning glory. So, this is really just a liqueur made from flowers.

£12 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3112883

Style No.: 770166

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 22%
Volume: 200ml

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