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Social Elixir Alcohol-Free Botanical Spirit 500ml


Alcohol-free doesn’t have to mean pleasure-free. Created by a team of leading bartenders and scientists, Three Spirit's Social Elixir was the world’s first naturally uplifting, vegan-friendly, alcohol-free and gluten-free botanical spirit. More than just the hottest new non-alcoholic drink, this is the first of its kind and was launched exclusively through Harvey Nichols.

Socialising is often deeply ensconced in drinking culture. But these days with many seeking a cleaner lifestyle and abstaining from alcohol and sugary drinks, a third way was required. Rather than creating something that tastes like one of the classic spirits without the alcohol, the team of mixologists, herbalists and phytochemists behind Three Spirit set about inventing a product that would deliver the stimulation, relaxing of inhibitions, serotonin release, mood elevation, pleasure and connection to your night out and the people around you that alcohol offers. Mapping out how alcohol achieves these positive effects, they sought out plants with active compounds that would do the exact same thing and created Social Elixir.

Three Spirit’s Social Elixir is the small-batch botanical alchemy of plant-based ingredients, which include the mood-enhancers and pleasure-givers yerba mate, coconut vinegar, lion’s mane mushrooms, cacao, tulsi and damiana – the latter being a yellow-flowered Mexican aphrodisiac, so who know what connections may follow. The flavour is bittersweet, earthy, spicy and quite unique, recalling herbal liqueurs like amaro and Benedictine, Coca-Cola, cacao, dark apple, the umami quality of a Bloody Mary and something of the depth of barrel-aged spirits. Sip it on the rocks, topped with soda or tonic, or mixed into an alcohol-free Sour or Espresso Martini, then enjoy your happier, healthier and more connected night out.

£5 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 2992737

Style No.: 735516

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 0%
Volume: 500ml

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