Lightly Spiced Carbon Negative Rum - Two Drifters Distillery
  • Lightly Spiced Carbon Negative Rum - Two Drifters Distillery
  • Lightly Spiced Carbon Negative Rum - Two Drifters Distillery
  • Lightly Spiced Carbon Negative Rum - Two Drifters Distillery

Two Drifters Distillery

Lightly Spiced Carbon Negative Rum


Sustainably distilled and bottled in Devon, Two Drifters Lightly Spiced Rum is smooth, warming and brimming with notes of vanilla, slightly peppery chai tea, toffee apple, cola, delicate clove and festive spices. We love it in a rum-based twists on classic cocktails like an Old Fashioned, Negroni or Espresso Martini, but our absolute favourite ways to drink it are either on the rocks or topped with a light ginger ale and garnished with a slice of orange.

Using science, innovation and passion, Two Drifters Distillery crafts carbon negative rum. It was founded by a wife-and-husband team from Devon, Gemma and Russ Wakeham. This couple’s love story has been spiced with rum from their first date (a rum tasting) to their honeymoon in St Lucia, and then going into business together in 2019. Inspired by Russ’ work in carbon capture as a chemist, their aim is now to capture the rum market without harming the planet, hence why their rum has a carbon negative footprint. Two Drifters actively avoid creating CO₂ by using renewable energy, electric vehicles, a carbon neutral courier, sustainable packaging, a low-impact website and even the boat on the label is wind powered. But when they can’t avoid it (e.g. shipping the molasses and growing the sugarcane), they offset with Climeworks, rather like a carbon tax. Although the climate crisis has to be at the top of the agenda for everyone right now, talking about it can be difficult and challenging. However, it seems somewhat easier over a glass or two of lubricating and ethical rum.

Many British rum producers buy their spirit from the Caribbean and South America and put finishing touches to it or blending it in the UK. Two Drifters, however, make their rum from raw ingredients using a combination of column and pot stills. One thing that we find quite exciting, is that they ferment their molasses with a little dunder from the previous run, a technique used by Jamaican distilleries to impart their characteristic funk. This gives Two Drifters’ rums lots of complexity and just a dash of charming wildness.

£5.71 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3699827

Style No.: 877819

Country: England
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 40%
Volume: 700ml

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