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Urakasumi Zen Junmai Ginjo Sake 720ml


One of the most beloved sakes in Japan, this sets a benchmark for the entire category. Zen is the signature sake from Urakasumi, and it’s creamy, earthy and mineral with notes of melon, pineapple, pear, butter, nutty nougat, liquorice and steamed rice. A regular winner of gold medals, including most recently one at the US National Sake Appraisal and one at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles in 2018, this is really is a top sake. Hailing from a region famed for its oysters, it would make a wonderful match to these bivavles, or maybe even tempura.

But it’s just as happy with more local cuisine. Launched in 1973, this masterpiece was designed to be taken to France to promote the splendour of sake in Europe, hence the cheeky monk on the label and the easy to pronounce and instantly recognisable name, Zen. It has a roundness and fullness that will appeal to red wine drinkers, and it could be paired with French classics like Cassoulet or Beef Bourguignon, or even grilled meats and fish and chips.

The Saura Brewery, located in Miyagi prefecture, was founded in 1724 to create sacred sake for the Shiogama Shrine. The name Urakasumi means misty bay, a reference to the beautiful location looking out over the Pacific Ocean. They are famed for their elegant and classic style, making it always a sophisticated choice. This is made from Toyo Nishiki and Yamada Nishiki rice extremely polished so that around 40-50% of the grain is removed. This results in an incredibly smooth and elegantly nuanced sake.

£8.33 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3061950

Style No.: 754002

Country: Japan
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 16%
Volume: 720ml

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