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Urakasumi Honjikomi Honjozo Sake 720ml


This wonderfully soft and smooth sake reminds us of a light-bodied Viognier, due to its apricot and toasted almond fragrance and the unctuous oily mouthfeel. A regular winner of gold medals at the Slow Food Japan Kanzake Contest, Urakasumi Honjikomi Honjozo Sake is bright and creamy. It can be sipped chilled or slightly warm, and loves rich flavours like pork, roasted vegetables, tofu and ramen.

The word “honjozo” denotes that a little brewer’s alcohol is added to the fermenting sake mash. As sake is watered down to a standard level, this means that the resulting rice wine is incredibly smooth. The alcohol is actually added because it makes certain aromas and flavours more vibrant and makes the final sake more stable, this is bonus because it means that if you don’t finish this 720ml bottle in one fitting, it will fade less quickly than a junmai (sake with no added brewer’s alcohol).

The Saura Brewery, located in Miyagi prefecture, was founded in 1724 to create sacred sake for the Shiogama Shrine. The name Urakasumi means misty bay, a reference to the beautiful location looking out over the Pacific Ocean. They are famed for their elegant and classic style, making it always a sophisticated choice. This is made from Manamusume rice polished so that 35% of the grain is removed. This rare variety of rice is only grown in Miyagi, gives a soft texture and can also be eaten as a table rice. The grains are very small, luckily Saura are experts in the art of polishing.

£3.89 per 100.00ml

SKU No.: 3096969

Style No.: 754001

Country: Japan
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 15%
Volume: 720ml

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