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Mini Purple Matcha Tea 30g


As tea farmers, Williamson Tea do things a bit differently, selecting bushes for specific soils, nurturing young tea bushes and protecting the soil before harvesting and drying out teas. They offer complete transparency from bush to cup. Williamson Tea is a fifth generation tea faming business committed to growing the highest quality sustainable teas to the benefit of Kenya, its communities, wildlife and environment.

Matcha has been used for centuries to boost and sustain energy, whilst providing relaxed alertness. Williamson Tea has combined purple tea leaves with matcha for the first time to make a Purple Matcha Tea. It’s an even more powerful matcha tea than the traditional green matcha that will assist the body’s natural cleansing process. Best drunk in the traditional way, whisked into a simple broth with hot water or added to juice or food.

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Williamson harvest their teas from their own farms in the highlands of Kenya, where the morning sun and frequent showers of rain create the perfect climate. Surrounded by dense forest that is rich in wild life, community welfare and care for the environment is a responsibility they take very seriously when cultivating their special teas. They use responsible farming methods, and actively promote wildlife preservation, such as creating corridors for the local colobus monkey so they can pass safely from one side of the forest to the other.