HYPERFADE Microdart Blur Patch - ZitSticka
  • HYPERFADE Microdart Blur Patch - ZitSticka
  • HYPERFADE Microdart Blur Patch - ZitSticka
  • HYPERFADE Microdart Blur Patch - ZitSticka
  • HYPERFADE Microdart Blur Patch - ZitSticka


HYPERFADE Microdart Blur Patch


This is a Beyond Beauty product which means it has been sourced, tried and tested and finally declared one of the most new and innovative heroes out there.
ZitSticka’s HYPERFADE is a microdart blur patch for the post-zit dark spot. Each HYPERFADE microdart patch blurs any residual marks that remain after the zit itself has deflated like a mop and bucket for the post-zit aftermath.
HYPERFADE patches are layered with 24-self dissolving microdarts that melt within 2 hours of application, releasing brightening, regenerative ingredients. These ingredients dilute post-zit damage from the inside-out, restoring tone and texture to its former glory, fast.  

Contains 12 patches

SKU No.: BS847086

Style No.: 847086

Clean on targeted site and allow to dry.

Carefully press and hold patch onto dark spot for 15 secs to ensure firm grip.

Keep patch on for 2+hrs while microdarts dissolve (overnight is best).

For each dark spot, use twice weekly spaced over 2 consecutive weeks.

Wear sunscreen post-use and avoid unnecessary sun exposure.

Key Ingredients:
Hyaluronic Acid: is moisture-magnet and conduit for the other synergistic ingredients, hyaluronic acid ensures your skin doesn't reach desert-dry levels given HYPERFADE's other ingredients can be drying. HA is a humectant, which makes it capable of drawing moisture from its surroundings and thus, a super excellent hydrator.

Niacinamide: works with the natural substances in your skin to shrink the appearance of redness and improve the appearance of uneven skin tone. Your skin's calm, logical, level-headed friend, niacinamide can also help to repair signs of damage.

Vitamin C: helps to inhibit the enzyme tyrosinase, which helps to prevent melanin production (which causes hyperpigmentation). Plus, it significantly lightens pigmentation but does not lighten normal skin.

Arbutin: acts as an inhibitor of tyrosinase, a key enzyme involved in melanin (pigment) production.

Licorice Root Extract: interrupts the enzymes that activate melanin production, making it a natural skin whitening agent. It prevents future hyperpigmentation while improving existing dark spots on your skin.

Tranexamic Acid: a potent plasmin inhibitor, controls pigmentation by inhibiting the release of inflammatory mediators involved in triggering melanogenesis (after pimple heals).

ZitSticka is an evidence-based skincare brand residing at the juncture of skincare and technology. The brand’s debut product contains proven zit-hating ingredients and self-dissolving microdarts that disrupt the appearance of the upcoming, early-stage spot. Their functional goal is to help people resolve their blemish woes quickly and easily from home. ZitSticka's mission is to bring transparency to the acne conversation and destigmatize breakouts.


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