It's the month for mushrooms. Wild from the woods, ready for the picking

‘Tis the season to be jolly.
Yes, that’s right. Jolly.

Jolly about mushrooms (what did you think we meant?)

Our favourite, fleshy, spore-bearing, fruiting bodies of a fungus are presently perfect for the picking (get your tongue around that one…) and we’ve got quite the selection for you.

Meet the mushrooms:

1. Dried Morels
These woodland gems started appearing in early spring and have an unusual meaty flavour and dense, squidgy texture. When dried, the morel mushrooms have a very intense smokey taste and are at their best in a cream based sauce, or sautéed in butter to bring out the flavour. Use this sauce to accompany veal medallions, pork or particularly good with chicken. Alternatively, scatter alongside grilled asparagus for a wonderful seasonal starter.

2. Dried Porcini / Cep Mushrooms
Arguably the most important edible wild fungi, widely used in Europe and especially traditional Italian dishes. These mushrooms impart a deep, woody flavour; rich with nutty notes. A great accompaniment to fish and chicken and really great in risottos. A very versatile mushroom with an exquisite flavour which is readily imparted, soak in warm water before cooking and strain to use as a mushroom stock.

3. Dried Chanterelles
These wild mushrooms give a wonderful flavour and colour to sauces.The yellowish flesh has a lovely faint fragrance of apricots and the flavour is lightly nutty and peppery that dances on the tip of the tongue. A great addition to soups and sauces as well as a pop of flavour in pasta dishes. Particularly tasty in cream based sauces, serve with white meat and poultry dishes.

4. Mixed Forest Mushrooms
A mix of dried Porcini, Chanterelles and Fairy Rings, these three partners in crime complement each other wonderfully and once dehydrated and added to stock or sauces make a flavoursome addition to many a dish. Stir into pastas, rice-based dishes (hello perfect risottos) soups, stews, meat and crepes.

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