Discover the ultra-smooth, exceptionally designed D1 London Gin

On first sip, the soft, smooth botanical flavours dance on the tongue and then it hits it you:
the daring kick of nettles.

D1 London Dry Gin has an adaptable profile that appeals to an international market and a versatility that separates this gin from the masses. D1 London Gin has been perfected over two years at Warley-based Langley Distillery and uses a very narrow cut of triple-distilled spirit. This premium gin features juniper berries, coriander, orange and lemon peel, angelica root, cassia bark, orris, almond, liquorice and of course those all-important nettles – as selected by a master tea blender.

The resulting 40% ABV London Dry Gin therefore produces an interesting profile which works well with Asian teas as well as natural fruit juices and we declare it as the perfect base to many a new-world gin cocktail.

With aromas of orange, fruit tea and juniper, and a surprising, distinctive blackcurrant nose – the signature garnish of mint works perfectly as an addition to a refreshingly different gin and tonic.

The distinctive ultra-smooth and versatile spirit has been created using a centuries-old distilling craft, however its reversible bottle couldn’t be more contemporary. Designed in collaboration with international artist and menswear designer Jacky Tsai, it features Tsai’s iconic ‘Floral Skull’ that was made famous through his work with Alexander McQueen.

D1 Daringly Dry London Gin launched exclusively at Harvey Nichols earlier this month and is available from Birmingham Harvey Nichols Wine Shop, priced at £39.95.