Fear of God's Jerry Lorenzo on inspiration, evolution and storytelling

With a unique exploration of fashion subcultures blending with a grunge and hip hop aesthetic, LA-based label Fear of God tells a multidimensional story through its distinctive style. As the exclusive collection arrives instore and online, we caught up with brand founder Jerry Lorenzo to find out what drives his creativity and what Fear of God stands for.

Can you describe your aesthetic?
My aesthetic is somewhere in between effortless and appropriate.

What is your design process?
There is really no process… I am constantly open to inspiration.  I’m always making notes and taking photographs etc. Life is the process; being open to what’s around you is the key.

Do you design with a particular person in mind?
I design with a certain era or subculture in mind – John Bender and Kurt Cobain have been consistent muses for the brand.

Is the current collection a reflection of your own style?
In a way, yes; living in LA, you kind of have to be ready for whatever the day may bring. I do a lot of running around so first I want to be comfortable and second appropriate (whether I need to hit the gym or take a lunch meeting).

What is your favorite piece from the AW14 collection?
I like every piece, every piece helps to build the next and vice versa. The bomber lives best with the long-sleeved tee (with extra long sleeves); the short-sleeved flannel lives with the support of a long tank or thermal shirt; the shorts live with the thermal pants – it just goes on and on.

How has Fear of God evolved since the first collection?
The quality by far: it’s about 100 times better, the fabrics etc.  I am now even happier with the quality of the final garments than I am with the creative direction.

What’s next for the brand?
Another collection.  TRINITY.  The third collection.

What other designers do you admire?
I admire my peers: Virgil Abloh of Off-White and other guys that I work closely with. Of course there are designers like Rick Owens and Raf Simons that much of my generation looks to but I don’t try to compare myself to them or hope to be what they are; I want to do new things. I’m here to bring about a change; to alter the perception of what the fashion industry and clothing is. I want to open new doors, tell a new story and share a new perspective. I don’t consider myself a ‘designer’, I’m more of a storyteller, and I tell these stories through my collections.