Q&A: Christian Louboutin

What will the iconic red sole bring to your beauty ritual?

Christian Louboutin’s iconic red sole was born after a eureka encounter with red nail polish. Twenty two years later, the iconic designer is giving back to beauty with his very own nail collection.

It’s the talk of the town, so naturally we needed to know everything. And who better to speak to than the style master himself?

We’ll let Louboutin do the talking..

Why are you entering the beauty world?
Over the years, I have observed several signs pointing me towards beauty. I realised that people’s image of my brand could already incorporate beauty; and it became clear that both my shoes and beauty serve to reinforce the idea of femininity. Thus, beauty became a natural next step.

Why are you entering the nail colour category first?
There are two reasons – colour has always been a very important part of my design process. I love when I create something and a woman makes it her own; when she wears colour in a way that I never would have imagined. Additionally, when a woman puts on a pair of my shoes, she looks at herself, her posture, the curve of her body, and the line of her legs. The toes are the endpoint of this gracious movement. Similarly, fingernails are the finishing touch to a movement that starts with the shoulder and moves to the arms, and finally to the fingertips.

How did the original idea for red sole come about?
In 1992, I was designing a shoe called Pensées. I was satisfied with the sketch of the shoe, but disappointed when I received the prototype from the factory. I couldn’t put my finger on what was missing, even though the prototype was very similar to the sketch. My assistant was painting her nails red next to me, so I grabbed her polish and proceeded to paint the soles of the shoes red. From that moment on, red soles became my signature. The red sole was born from red nail polish – I am giving back to nails what the shoe took from the nails many years ago.

What will Christian Louboutin offer women?
No matter what the category, my beauty products will amplify a woman’s own beauty, rather than fix her imperfections. I also want the woman to take her time and enjoy this different experience of painting her nails – the pleasure of the object as well as the pleasure of colour. The application will be a painterly and artistic experience, both for her and for anyone who may be watching her. My goal is for a woman to feel beautiful, and the most important thing is that she feels satisfied when she looks at herself.

How are fashion and beauty connected?
Some people consider accessories as extras or unnecessary, but for me they make all the difference. I consider nail colour as an accessory, just as for shoes and handbags. Each shade is named after an iconic shoe or bag, and I approached the design of the nail colour line in the same way as fashion.

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