Belsazar Vermouth

Get practicing your pronunciation, BELSAZAR is the new need-to-know brand

There’s something about Vermouth that makes it quite the mythical member of the fortified wine family.

Vermouth is in fact both a fortified and aromatised wine; fortified as the alcohol percentage of the wine has been raised through the addition of spirits (in the case of BELSAZAR, with fruit brandy) and aromatised as the wine has been infused with botanicals that add flavour and colour.

For too long vermouth has been maligned and above all, misunderstood.
Well, with the arrival of BELSAZAR we think that is all about to change…

Historically, vermouth started out as a medicinal drink, with the various herbs, spices and all-important wormwood added to help aid with digestion. Traditionally, the cradle of vermouth is the Italian Piemonte and French Savoy regions, which, in the 18th Century when vermouth became part of mainstream culture, comprised the mainland territory of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

BELSAZAR vermouth uses only the finest wines from the South Baden region – which means, yes, you read correctly, it is a German vermouth. From the company’s distillery at the edge of the Black Forest in south Baden, Belsazar painstakingly handcraft their four Vermouth variants – Dry, Red, Rosé and White – using a blend of six wines flavoured with up to 20 different home-grown spices, herbs, peels and blossoms, including wormwood and small-batch fruit brandies. It’s the addition of these (some top-secret) “Schladerer” fruit brandies that sets BELSAZAR apart from other vermouths. Boasting exceptional quality and an inimitable character, all four expressions are highly unique and very different to anything else currently on the market.

Belsazar Dry:
A delicately fruity and floral taste with an attractive finish of bitter aromatics. Served straight up over ice, Belsazar Dry partners wonderfully well with light gourmet cuisine and can also transcend a range of classic, dry cocktail recipes.
Belsazar Red:
Full, rich and intense, Belsazar Red embraces comforting vanilla sweetness with hints of dark caramel, matured cherries and spices. Complex and long, this vermouth is delicious to drink straight up over ice or as a strong partner in dark and heavy classic cocktail recipes.
Belsazar Rosé:
A unique development in the field of vermouth; zesty, fresh and light with delicate notes of herbs, red fruit, white blossom and spice. Beautifully balanced with a soft sweetness and wonderful harmony, this delicious release pairs well with ice and tonic, which forms a refreshing and aromatic alternative to the classic G&T.
Belsazar White:
A full-bodied sweetness and aromas of dried peach and oranges complimented by complex bitter, herbal notes which impart freshness and provide balance. The whole complexity of Belsazar White unfolds when used in cocktails or savoured as an aperitif over ice.

The classic serve, enjoy a BELSAZAR vermouth and tonic over ice – simply pour 5cl into a highball glass, fill with ice cubes, top with tonic and add lemon zest.
Alternatively, why not sample a twist on a classic with a BELSAZAR Reverse Martini?
– 60ml BELSAZAR Vermouth Dry
– 30ml Gin
– 2 dashes of orange bitters
Place all the ingredients in a mixing tumbler, fill it with ice cubes and stir until cool.
Pour into a pre-chilled Martini glass and serve with lemon zest or olives.

BELSAZAR vermouths offer hand-made, truly exceptional quality and all four expressions stand out from anything else currently available. Use to transform your cocktails, enjoy neat over ice, or replace your summer gin and tonic serves with a vermouth twist.

Whether purchased to impress your guests or as a new staple for your spirits cabinet (which it really should be…) Belsazar vermouth will appeal to even the most discerning of palates, whatever your preferred drinking style.