Meet the man in charge of the Brasserie.

Stewart Mackie has taken the reins of the kitchens at Harvey Nichols, Birmingham and there’s plenty in the works to look forward to. We caught up with him to talk about on his passion for innovative cooking and reveal his perfect dinner party dishes.

What inspired you to work as a chef?
I discovered my love for food while cooking with my mum and nan as a child. My nan was never without her trusty electric mixer and her Victoria sponge was to die for; while my mum’s passion to try new recipes and methods inspired me to become a professional chef.

What are your passions when it comes to food?
I love being creative with ingredients and trying new recipes and then putting my own twist on them. I particularly enjoy working with pastry because I find it has a lot to offer in expressing yourself creatively.

Do you use any modern cooking techniques?
Yes, at Harvey Nichols we use the French sous vide method for a growing number of our dishes. This means that we vacuum-seal food before immersing it in a water bath and then cook it at a very precise, consistent temperature. Over the last year we have also started to experiment with a lot of vegan alternatives as more and more customers ask for plant-based and meat-free.

What is your favourite kitchen tip?
I always insist on working in a clean and organised kitchen. If you’re surrounded by chaos, washing up and piles of dirty dishes then that reflects in the final dish.

Do you like to cook at home, or do you turn off when you leave the kitchen at work?
Cooking is my life – I’m always cooking, whether that’s at home or in the work kitchen. My perfect dinner party menu would be scallops to start, beef wellington or sea bass as a main and definitely salted caramel chocolate fondant to finish.

What are the most popular dishes in the Harvey Nichols Restaurant?
For lunchtime, I would have to say the chicken tikka flat bread, with mint and coriander yoghurt, layered with spiced fried onions. On our A La Carte menu the lobster tail with pineapple and mango chilli salsa and skinny fries has proved very popular and we get great feedback for our leek risotto and halloumi burger. And of course the classics, like our fillet steak and Harvey Nichols beef burger, always go down well. Also, our pineapple tart tatin with coconut sorbet and caramel sauce – the perfect seasonal pud!

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