TRIED AND TESTED: Boudoir Lashes

Two weeks, five destinations and one pair of long-lasting lashes

Word on the street is that if you want bespoke, there’s no one better than lash queen extraordinaire Asma Docrat. But I had a two-week trip ahead of me, taking in five destinations in Colombia, and I was well aware that achieving the middle ground between barely-worth it lashes and footballer’s wife falsies can be tricky. Would I emerge with lashes like spiders’ legs or soft feathery wonders? Would they survive my holiday escapades, or leave me bare and balding? There was only one way to find out.

On entering the beauty room, Asma studied my eyes and face shape, and discussed my preferences. “Different eye shapes and natural lashes need different curls, thicknesses and lengths,” she explained. “More almond-shaped eyes can have longer lashes applied towards the outer corners to create a cat-eye look. And a graduated effect to create an almond, feline look works well on rounder eyes.”

Generally, I opt for a more natural look, but I also wanted lashes that would last and, having tried extensions before, I was ready for a few more than last time. We decided on The Mascara Effect – a 60-minute treatment that ensures your lashes continue to look great during the normal eyelash shedding cycle – plus a few bonus feline flutterers at the outer edges of my ‘almond-shaped’ eyes.

First of all, Asma prepped my lashes, cleansing and combing them, before using tweezers to separate and tease the lashes so each one can be extended one by one. Normally, I’d be wary of my sensitive eyes but, unlike other treatments, I didn’t find this uncomfortable. In fact, the necessity to keep my eyes shut allowed for a socially acceptable midday nap. One hour later (the time varies according to how many lashes you have applied) and I was good to go. I was thrilled, particularly with the longer lashes at the outer corners, and couldn’t wait to show South America my new fluttery friends.

CHALLENGE: The glamour and glitz of Pablo Escobar’s hometown, Medellín, and salsa dancing in Cartagena.
RESULT: Colombians certainly know how to party and how to look almost intimidatingly glamorous with it. Having taken almost no make-up with me on this trip (apart from the always-essential skincare), I was reliant on my lashes’ curves to give me some extra va-va-voom come nightfall. Thankfully, they were up to the challenge and even proved durable against some (quite literally) eye-watering aguardiente shots in Bogotá.* Not once did I need to cheat with a slick of mascara, which was particularly handy during a 10-minute shower-to-dinner turnaround. More time for margaritas.
RESULT: 9.5/10
*Consumption at your own risk.

CHALLENGE: Rain, nature and some very questionable navigation.
RESULT: Me and my lashes were off to see some of the world’s tallest palm trees at Cocora Valley. What we didn’t anticipate was taking a wrong turn. Somehow our casual three-hour trek turned into what’s supposed to be a five-day adventure holiday (definitely not advised for those without a map and wearing Zara silver trainers) and eventually culminated in us turning back. Never before have my lashes faced so many environmental enemies — whipping branches, torrential rain and, quite frankly, huge emotional turmoil. How did they stand up? A lot better than I did on that trek.
RESULT: 9/10

CHALLENGE: Intensive snorkelling and a rough-and-ready boat ride.
RESULT: I was concerned that my faux lashes might look out of place on my (almost) deserted island, but the lady at the check-in desk (which was a tree trunk, FYI), commented on how long and pretty they looked. By this stage of the holiday (around 12 days in), as is natural for their life cycle, a few had fallen out. I studied her intensely to see if see she had sussed my secret but no, it appears her comment was authentic and not a sneaky attempt to out me and my extensions. Nonetheless, if anything was going to put them to the test, it was constantly removing my snorkelling goggles and squinting in the face of salt water, par for the course on my hugely overpriced boat trip. Lo and behold, there was no noticeable lash loss or any irritation.
RESULT: 8.5/10

Conclusion: There’s a lot to be said for two weeks taking in the best of Colombia with no time-wasted applying a single slick of mascara. But what surprised me most was how attached I was to my new lashes. Although, I quite enjoyed the different phases of volume (when they start to fall out – you keep the length but have more of a fresh, natural look), within days of my return, I had placed myself back in Asma’s nimble hands for refills. Now surely, that’s a result?
RESULT: 9/10

In celebration of my lashes peak performance Boudoir Lashes is offering 10% off the Mascara and Volume Effect treatments for a limited time only. Boudoir Lashes is available on Tuesdays and Thursdays at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge*.



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