Nail The Ombré

All the tips to get the look from our acclaimed beauty shoot.

They look good, don’t they? Perfectly blurred hues – subtle enough to go with everything, cool enough to stand out from the crowd. But this is just inspo from our Rankin shoot, not something you could possibly recreate at home. Or is it?

Jessica Thompson, the genius artist behind the ombré nails explains all…

Step 1
File nails to your desired shape, buff and then cleanse with some polish remover (this will make the polish last longer once applied).

Step 2
Apply a base coat followed by two coats of your chosen colour.

Step 3
Cut a sponge into a small square. Make-up sponges work well as they have small pores, but any sponge will work if you don’t have one of these to hand.

Step 4
Paint your colours in straight, horizontal lines side by side across a small make-up sponge. If you want to make the ombré pop, opt for contrasting colours.

Step 5
Gently dab the painted sponge onto the nail to create the effect. Repeat until you have a strong ombré. Finish with a top coat.

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