Discover the designer making sustainability look super stylish

By now, you’ve no doubt got the memo that sustainability is officially A Hot Topic.
If you haven’t, 1) where have you been? And, 2) Go grab a coffee – in a reusable cup, naturally – and read up immediately.

Caring is in, but there is one designer who’s been championing a sustainable agenda long before it became fashionable: Eileen Fisher. Since founding her label in New York in 1984, she has quietly built a robust, desirable brand that is underpinned by an eco-conscious, ethically sound agenda – without ever sacrificing quality or her precise aesthetic.


The sustainability pioneer’s uncompromising vision and innovative spirit is being acknowledged. This year she scooped the CFDA’s Positive Change Award. So what does Fisher’s version of sustainability look like? It’s an all-encompassing mission, a 360-degree approach. Organic, responsibly sourced and recycled fabrics look as good as they feel. A portion of the colour palette is the result of bluesign-certified, non-hazardous dyes that use less water and energy than others. Through its take-back programme, the brand gives clothes good-as-new cleaning and resells them or transforms them into art, pillows and wall hangings if damaged beyond repair; since 2009, the brand has given new life to over 1.2 million pieces of clothing.

Crucially, the people behind the scenes are treated with the same respect as the planet; the company wants to ensure workers have a voice and are treated fairly in the workplace. Think she’s going to rest on her laurels? No chance. Fisher’s Vision 2020 pledge is a commitment to work towards being entirely sustainable.


Fisher’s ethical ethos is complemented by her design philosophy: to create beautiful, simple clothes that have longevity and move with real life. If you’re looking for flashy trends and fast fashion, then she’s not the designer for you. Fisher’s flair is for pared-back pieces: fluid tailoring, easy separates and luxe wardrobe staples. Yes, they feel timeless, but they feel thoroughly modern at the same time. You know that woman who always looks impeccably stylish, but effortlessly so? She is probably wearing Eileen Fisher.


The new collection is an evolution of everything the designer has come to stand for in the last 35 years: design with purpose. AW19 offers up simple, elegant staples that are the foundations of a forever wardrobe. Tactile, fuss-free pieces – think snuggly knits and sheer layers, fluid silks and languid velvets – are made to be mixed and matched with each other and pieces you already own. Playing into the brand’s mission to make life easier, the pieces are designed to work for women (and you won’t be surprised to learn that Eileen Fisher is a largely women-run company). Certainly, if you’re looking to feel confident, composed and more conscious – a little Eileen Fisher can go a long way.