Tried and tested: Beyond MediSpa

Quite literally from tip to toe – our Beauty Editor trials the newbies

Tried and Tested: Beyond MediSpa Thalgo

We hear you: you want a no-fuss facial. One that doesn’t intimidate you with complex-sounding technology. One that’s tailored to your needs but doesn’t require downtime. Enter Thalgo. Founded by pharmacist M. Bouclet in 1964, the brand uses micronised marine algae in its body wraps and famous facials.

Step one: skin analysis
I tentatively put my (worryingly sun-kissed) face into the infrared machine as the therapist, Minu, assessed its condition. She said that my skin appeared dehydrated, and not very oily. This made sense for my dry skin; what concerned me more were the fine lines that could develop over the next five years. If anything will shock you into a better skincare routine – and convince you to use SPF for the rest of your life – it’s this machine.

Step two: exfoliation and peeling
What can only be described as a Smart Spatula (how many others produce ultra-fast sound vibrations?) was used on my skin to help generate a light enzyme peel. Minu reassured me that my hard-earned tan wouldn’t be stripped away – only the dead skin cells and impurities. I reluctantly agreed. I can confirm not an iota of discomfort was felt.

Step three: drainage and infusion
Next up was toxin drainage to boost lymphatic and micro circulation. Vibrational waves transmitted by skin sensors facilitate the elimination of waste, diffuse the marine active ingredients and boost cell exchanges. Ultrasound waves are produced by an electrically stimulated ceramic plate.

Step four: firming and tightening
Then it was time for plumping; tripolar radio frequency was used to contract collagen fibres, regenerate tissue and stimulate hyaluronic acid. This process rehydrates and restores the natural barrier for that coveted glow factor.

Despite my cynicism, I can report that Minu was correct: the peel not only left my tan intact, it also brightened my skin so much that I went completely make-up-free (not even a hint of Marc Jacobs O!Mega Perfect Tan Bronzer) for several days. Gentle, effective and an easy all-rounder, the Thalgo Facial is a rejuvenating treatment that promises to do it all with just the right amount of innovation.

Tried and Tested: Beyond MediSpa Flawless Feet

With the introduction of the ‘medi-pedi’, podiatry has entered the mainstream. Pedicures have existed for a long time, but innovators – including Flawless Feet – have driven home the point that feet are hardworking, and maintaining them requires more than a coat of pretty polish.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I turned up to Flawless Feet. Most people visit because of foot injuries, or require correctional supports or laser treatment to eliminate nail fungus (laser treatment is currently the only effective treatment besides oral medication.)

A summer living in flip-flops left my feet cracked and sore, with skin even splitting in some places. So my needs were clear. Not remotely fazed, my podiatrist, Maddy, noted how common this issue was, and how important it was to remove the damaged skin to prevent the cuts from deepening.

Much to my pleasure, this meant a wax foot bath. Intended to moisturise and soften the skin, the treatment provides a healing effect and is particularly beneficial for those suffering from arthritis, rheumatic pain and dry, cracked skin. Once the wax was applied, my feet were placed in a clear plastic bag to let the therapy work its magic.

When my tootsies – no longer trotters – were soft enough, Maddy got to work removing the hard skin. Unlike most tickly and uncomfortable pedicures, this one was barely noticeable, so I took the opportunity to quiz her on everything medical and chiropody related. A mere 15 minutes later, my feet were smooth, silky and – most importantly – pain-free.

Will I be returning in the colder months? Absolutely. Aesthetics aside, Flawless Feet was an easy, pleasurable solution to something that could have developed into a bigger medical problem. Surely your feet deserve the kind of TLC the rest of your body does. Let them have it.