Tried and Tested: The Light Salon Full Body

Our Beauty Editor trials a nurturing treatment to re-energise the body

If you haven’t heard about The Light Salon, where have you been? Certainly not basking under the LED light, reaping the benefits of the feel-good endorphins. The revolutionary skin expert has shown just how easy it is to get glowing skin in under 20 minutes.

But what if The Light Salon could go even further? What if it could target the whole body, helping it pause, repair and reset? Its holistic new experience – described as a ‘full-body cellular workout’ and an ‘all-encompassing wellbeing treatment’ – promises just that.

As usual, I prepared sufficiently for this review – this time in the form of an agonising F45 HIIT class in Chiswick that certainly put me through my paces. Two days later and my muscles officially raised the red card and seized up completely. Every time I reached down to tie my shoelaces I yelped like a puppy. By the time I waddled to The Light Salon, I was dubious that anything could fix my wooden state. My therapist took one look at me, smiled smugly – like she knew something I didn’t – and told me to lie down.

The first thing I noticed was the heated blanket, a warm little treat that immediately made me feel like I was being tucked in. Even better was the light massage along the full length of my body, base of the neck and spine. It turns out this was simply hyaluronic acid serum being applied (very well received in this drying weather) before the warming near-infrared LED light was turned on. Although it felt spa-like, there was some serious science at work. Co-founder Laura Ferguson states:

“Targeting the dorsal entry zone (base of the spine) will trigger a cascade of activity that travels systemic up through the spine to the brain and around the body, treating all areas and both nervous systems (peripheral and central).”

All good news for breathing, blood flow and those all-important aches and pains. Soon it was time to turn over. My face was cleansed, and the familiar warming effect was moving across my body.
On this side, the aim is to boost the immune and lymphatic system and stimulate blood flow. I’m not sure whether it was due to my body being so relaxed, but I soon drifted off. I mean, actually fell asleep with my body twitching involuntarily. Apparently, this isn’t uncommon. Stimulating the cells encourages them to produce nitric oxide, which in turn releases feel-good hormones and cortisol. So, while it’s not a sleep aid, the Full Body LED triggers an almost zen-like feeling, one that promotes napping and the ‘resetting’ of the body – it was working.

But most of the results were yet to come. That glowy skin? Predictably fantastic, but this time not just on my face… it was everywhere. Imagine a facial for your entire body when it needs it the most – eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis…it was all soothed and smoothed. My muscles? Light (truthfully, I’m not sure I have ever been so thankful). And finally, my mood? I think we can all say I came out of the treatment a better person, both inside and out.

Available now in Harvey Nichols brand new 4th Floor location:

The Light Salon
4th Floor Salon
109-125 Knightsbridge, London


T: 020 7259 4234