The party season looms large. Our Beauty Editor trials the ultimate pamper package

I’m in need of a beauty MOT. There, I’ve said it. I wish someone would come along and wave a wonderful wand and transform me into the human I was – pre-brittle weather, long hours and short weekends drowning in buttery Chablis. Could the Full Works pamper package be my saving grace – five treatments, from brows to toes and everything in between?

Step 1: The Light Salon Express LED Rejuvenation Facial

Any serious beauty transformation starts with the skin – and no one knows that better than the LED innovators at The Light Salon. Two infrared lights penetrate the epidermis; the blue short-wave kills acne-forming bacteria, and the red goes deeper to heal and rejuvenate, all the while producing a lovely feel-good hormone. Funnily enough, I leave with a big grin on my face. This is the perfect way to start the day: simple, no fuss, and proven glowy results in less time than it takes to watch an episode of Friends.

Step 2: Nails Inc. The Gel Switch Manicure & Pedicure

Party season is all about standing around holding canapés and glasses of Champagne. So obviously the nails need to be perfect. While my hands have been well maintained, my poor trotters haven’t seen the light of day since Teresa May was Prime Minster. I need something festive but original (no easy feat), so I opt for bespoke Gels: you can choose from more than 100 shades of polish, and it lasts two to three weeks. My choice? A sparkly gunmetal called Power Suits You (fingers crossed). I add two gold stars on both ring fingers because… Christmas.

Step 3: Blink Brow Bar Full Set of Lashes & Brow Shape

Let’s just say it isn’t my first rodeo with Blink. My arches have been in their capable hands for quite some time and, once again, they thread me back to perfect form. My lashes, on the other hand, have never had Blink’s full treatment. But an hour and half later I emerge with my eyes truly opened. Every lash is applied one by one; they are fluttery enough to feel feminine and but delicate enough to steer clear of OTT territory. Despite getting wet in the 24-hour ‘dry’ period (ahem – London rain) – they prove to be much stronger than they look.

Step 5: Hourglass Makeover

Hourglass holds a special place in my heart, so I am thrilled to see its new Christmas collection amongst the classic heroes. Make-up artist, Sam focuses on hydrating my skin with Retouching Fluid Concealer and Veil Setting Powder (great for a touch-up after work). Then he treats me to the new Ghost Palette of Ambient Light bestsellers; the highlighters and blushers beautifully showcase the brand’s full potential. My brows are feathered and brushed up in reverse, and my lips are finished off in My Icon red – the shade made for Madonna. Apt.

Finally, my rejuvenation is complete. I feel as fabulous as I imagine J Lo did in that green dress at Milan Fashion Week. My skin glows, my hair flows, my make-up is flawless and my brows are smugly raised at the success of my overhaul. Try it and reap the rewards.

The Full Works is £348 and available to use at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.