Tried and Tested: Dr Dennis Gross

Our Beauty Editor looks to the skincare master for her first-ever peel.

In case you’re not aware, Dr Gross is kind of a big deal. The dermatologist’s own product line has if proof that skincare can be backed by both science and nature; the brand has also brought at-home peels into the mainstream (just try the Alpha Beta pads and you’ll understand).

“You may not be able to visit a dermatologist every day, but you can use the same formulas I use in my practice,” Dr Gross’ web site states. But if you did happen to have the doctor’s magical treatment available to you, wouldn’t it be tempting to experience it in all its glory? Dr Gross’ famous facials have arrived at Harvey Nichols courtesy of Hershesons – and I, for one, couldn’t be happier.

That’s not to say I didn’t have any trepidation. Truth be told, I’d never had a real-life peel. This was a bold step for me, so I was delighted to be in such capable hands.

Luckily, the treatment is bespoke. The therapist quizzed me until she (and I) was completely satisfied that it was tailored to all my wants and needs. When I informed her of my first-time status and sensitive skin, we decided on the Ultra Gentle peel (one of four different types). After a pre-cleanse, the solution was gently applied across my cheeks, forehead and chin. With it came a warm, tingling sensation, particularly around my dry cheeks – but that, I was assured, was completely normal. Not long after, another solution was applied. This time, the tingling increased, so we decided to leave it there. NB, my wimpy skin is certainly not the norm – most have three to four applications. I was told that at my next appointment, I would be able to step it up.

A broadly applied instant neutraliser followed the peel, and with it came another warm, tingling sensation (which was over in a matter of seconds). Then came an array of moisturisers and soothers; before I knew it, it was time to see the results: rosy, fresh skin – soft as a baby’s bottom. It was the texture that most surprised me. I found myself absent-mindedly stroking my cheeks over the next few days – a habit that, admittedly, looked a little odd but certainly proved the power of the peel. And the best bit? Absolutely no downtime. I pottered out and headed straight to he Fifth Floor Bar to celebrate my milestone.

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