Tried and Tested: Light Salon Pressotherapy

Our Beauty Editor trials the bright side of lymphatic drainage

There’s a buzz about lymphatic drainage at the moment – in some senses, quite literally. Attempts to reduce fluid retention and cellulite are getting more high-tech. The Light Salon’s newest treatment takes lymphatic massage to the max – with me in the quivering hot seat.

You may have heard of lymphatic drainage. But what’s Pressotherapy? The Light Salon explains it as “waves of gentle compression that boost the circulatory system and speed up the elimination of toxins from the body”. This is meant to help you lose inches, reduce fluid retention and aid digestion. Some clients come in for a Pressotherapy session after a flight or intensive exercise, because of the physical effects; but it is as much for the mind as the body.

So, what does Pressotherapy actually involve? A space suit, apparently. When I arrived at The Light Salon, I was confronted with a Michelin Man shell that finished just below my chest. I wriggled my way into the contraption and laid back as the machine started its massage – a wave-like action that worked its way up my body, starting at my feet. I confidently said, “This is lovely – I can barely feel it” – to which the therapist gave me a knowing look. Sure enough, the pressure amped up and it all made sense. As my stomach was being squeezed like an orange being juiced, I regretted the large jacket potato I’d eaten for lunch. But before I could complain, the pressure had moved on and there was something quite thrilling about the experience. My body felt as if it were being kickstarted and detoxed at the same time. It’s not unlike the satisfaction you feel when someone gives you a reassuringly strong massage and finally smooths out the knots.

I almost fell asleep several times – but the vibrations kept me just above dozing level. So I registered The Light Salon’s acclaimed LED lights being switched on to give me a 20-minute glowing boost. (Now that’s my kind of multitasking.) Before I knew it, it was time to re-enter the real world. I emerged from my space suit feeling significantly lighter, my tight muscles looser and my skin brighter. I’m told a few sessions a week will work wonders for cellulite and promote significant weight loss (apparently, models come in before events that involve more ‘cheek’ – like Notting Hill Carnival or underwear shoots). Funnily enough, I had no such events coming up. But I did feel good, like my body was working as one. And that, my friends, is not something to be underestimated.

The Light Salon Pressotherapy is available at Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge for £75, and takes 40 minutes.

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