Beauty Pie

You've read about it. Everyone's talking about it. And now, Beauty Pie is at Harvey Nichols.

In a global 12-week exclusive, the luxury beauty buyers’ club will be bringing its acclaimed products to its first-ever pop-up shop at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge.

Sourcing luxury skincare and make-up from the world’s best chemists and labs, Beauty Pie sells them without the need for middlemen, celebrity spokespeople or retail mark-ups; this means it can give customers up to five times more bang for their buck.


1. Buy an exclusive Harvey Nichols x Beauty Pie Drop-in Pass.

The pass will allow you to shop at a discount (50% off typical retail prices). A limited number of passes (£20) will be sold online at They will be available as a digital download, and can be used at the pop-up.

2. Be a Beauty Pie member.

Existing Beauty Pie members can shop at members-only prices (up to 80% off typical retail prices). Allowance top-ups will be available for members who want to shop ‘over the top’ of their Spending Limit.

3. Shop at typical retail prices.

Non-member shoppers who haven’t secured a Drop-in Pass can shop at typical retail prices.

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