Sensational Surrealism

In the midst of all the uncertainty we’re facing in this ever-changing world, awake our unconscious mind and follow us beyond reality. En route to the surreal world we’ve created for Autumn Winter 2021.

Many surrealist artists create art pieces that unlock ideas from their unconscious minds, or depict dream worlds as a rejection of a rational vision of life. Symbolised by bizarre placements and proportions of ordinary objects and illogical juxtapositions in dream-like scenes, we challenge our stringent mindset of what’s “acceptable” or “normal”.

Bestowing the idea of surrealism upon fashion, we think above and beyond our imagination when it comes to new season mix-and-match. So take a nosedive into the imaginative spirit, and imbue your rotation with a cascade of colours. This Autumn Winter 2021, defy conventional artistic and beauty values with us, to discover strange beauty in the unexpected and the uncanny.

On male model:

  • SOLID HOMME Blazer
  • PAUL SMITH Stripe Sweater
  • PAUL SMITH Tailored Trousers
  • LANVIN Mesh Sneakers

On female model:

  • JAMIE WEI HUANG Cutout Sweater
  • JAMIE WEI HUANG Drape Hem Skirt
  • SASKIA DIEZ Chain Necklace