Looking for an environmentally friendly way to revamp your wardrobe? We’ve found it.

Bring fashion full circle and help us on our mission to change the future. We’ve partnered up with Reflaunt to help give luxury fashion the lifespan it deserves. In a bid to reframe the conversation around fashion, Reflaunt is bridging the gap between pre-loved marketplaces and luxury brands. There’s no longer a reason for your forgotten items to remain hidden at the back of your wardrobe – resell them through Harvey Nichols and Reflaunt. Not only will you be saving the planet and helping someone on their style journey, but you’ll also receive a reward at the same time.

For the style and eco-conscious, we’ve listed the simple steps on how to join the movement below.

1. Drop your chosen styles off at any Harvey Nichols store or arrange an at-home pick-up if you’re in London.

2. Reflaunt will take care of all the hard work for you; from listing, photographing, and pricing your pieces. They’ll be sold across a network of global marketplaces, including Harvey

3. Once they’re sold, you can choose your payment. You’ll receive the cash or a Harvey Nichols voucher worth 15% more.

If saving the world one wardrobe at a time is that easy, why not look good doing it?

We accept a range of items, from shoes and accessories to ready-to-wear. Click the link below to find out more and start your Resell journey.