Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

“Fenty Beauty was created for everyone:
For women of all shades, personalities, cultures and races. I wanted everyone
to feel included. That’s the real reason I made this line.”

Brand Story + Mission

Smashing the stereotype of a celebrity beauty line by launching a complexion collection that places her firmly in the prestige sector, Rihanna’s first foray into beauty isn’t what you might expect.

It would have been too easy to launch with crazy colour and novelty products but creator and founder Rihanna wanted to do things differently – as an innovator but also as someone who had personally experienced the gap in the market for a foundation range that is truly representative of women of all colour.

Her mantra is ‘radiance reimagined’ and she intends to achieve it with the release of forty boundary-breaking shades of foundation, a selection of glowing highlighters, luminous primers, shimmering makeup sticks and the sexiest blotting powder and paper yet. With countless and unexpected ways to shine bright, there is no doubt that Rihanna is once again redefining the rules. For Rihanna, beauty is an energy, it’s the ever-changing way we carry ourselves. It’s the power to light up a room or heat things up. It’s about emanating what’s inside and using makeup as a tool to celebrate difference.

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In Rihanna’s Own Words

Rihanna On The Early Years

“The first time I remember having my makeup done was for this beauty pageant that I did in school. I was 15, about to be 16, just before I got signed. And ever since then, ever since I saw foundation on my skin—I could never look at my skin without foundation again. Makeup, it spoiled me.”

Rihanna On Diversity

“Foundation is one of those areas in the beauty industry that has a big void for women at extreme ends of the shade spectrum. And so, I wanted to make sure that women of all skin tones were covered and they could be included in what I created.”

Rihanna On Quality

“We work really long and hard on the texture of each formula. It was really important to me that each product is made to easily build and layer with lightweight textures that are flexible even when you want to re-apply.”

Rihanna On The Power Of Makeup

“The best piece of makeup advice that I can give to any of my fans or any of our customers is to never be afraid to experiment. Makeup is there for you to play. It's there for you to have fun with. It should never feel like pressure. It should never feel like a uniform. You should always have a blast, and feel free to take chances, take risks, and, dare to do something new or different.”

Rihanna On Making The Brand

“I have 100% involvement in this process, which made this so special and very fun. I had so much freedom in creating whatever products I wanted to make, and whatever colours or shades I wanted to make them, down to the fonts on the packaging. I look forward to everybody getting to see what we’ve been able to create so far.”

The Collection

The Campaign