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Forget come rain or shine. For SS19, Canada Goose is putting its outerwear to the ultimate test – ‘come rain, wind, cold – or all three.’

Forever pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, Canada Goose took product trialing to the extreme – as can be expected from a brand known for partnering with Arctic explorers. Putting five photographers to the test, Canada Goose’s spring campaign challenged the artists to capture their environment while also assessing the durability, functionality and protection of the new collection.

Tasked with documenting their wildly varied surroundings – while simultaneously piloting the performance wear in differing climates – the photographers captured the new line against a range of landscapes.

Hero pieces such as the Photojournalist jacket are a result of this collaboration, which is the latest example of Canada Goose seeking out industry experts to help enhance its products. The ultra-versatile jacket is bolstered by functional features and technical fabrics to ensure comfort and protection against a range of elements. “We shoot a lot of film, so the ability to keep our light meter, our different film stocks, and an additional lens in our pockets with quick accessibility was a revelation,” said husband and wife duo Alex Ward and Lauren Kweskin of the shell jacket.

Famed for its pioneering spirit and ambitious outerwear, Canada Goose has a long history of collaborating with artists, voyagers and even Emmy award-winning directors on adventurous and artistic pursuits. Having previously worked with storied Savile Row tailor Henry Poole as well as modernist vanguards including Vetements and Opening Ceremony, Canada Goose isn’t tied to any one industry or aesthetic. Its brand ambassadors, or ‘Goose People’, are proof of that. Goose People hail from the worlds of sport, cinema, education and beyond. What brings them together is a ‘can-do’ attitude, says the Canadian outerwear expert. It’s this same sense of adventure and desire to break boundaries – physically, technically and artistically – that brought five photographers from different corners of the globe to the Toronto HQ. Below is proof that a picture really is worth a thousand words.

Continuing the label’s ‘function first’ approach, the Rainwear collection combines technical features with a sleek and enduring aesthetic. Putting performance front and centre of the design process (and at the heart of the brand), this rain-resistant line is always adventure ready.

Technical details – such as reflective stripes to ensure visibility, and zips and vents that enhance airflow – characterise the collection of premium pieces and insulating base layers. The thermal HyBridge jacket and Arctic explorer-approved Pacifica coat are no exception. Crafted from Tri Durance – a triple-layered fabric that stands its ground against even the most ferocious rainstorms – and using Thermal Mapping® technology, the new line is durable, breathable and ready to conquer whatever the elements throw at you.

The new Windwear collection is windproof enough to withstand more than a blustery day, but also light enough to be layered with the LWD and Knitwear lines for extra insulation. Enhanced with wind- and water-resistant finishes, the new pieces have versatility at their core.

Ready to envelop you in warmth, the coats – including the Elmira – offer premium wind protection without the weight. Designed to lock in heat as well as let it escape when needed, the collection was made for changing climes – from breezy beach walks to Alpine adventures and urban commutes.

TThe mainstay of your trans-seasonal wardrobe – a feat of extra importance for those based in comically unpredictable Blighty – the LWD, or Lightweight Down collection, can be layered for extra warmth. It is also easy to pack away when not needed.

Ready for every eventuality, the cornerstone collection will carry you through the seasons – simply add and eliminate layers as needed. The adaptable Windbridge – a midweight jacket made with Merino wool – is perfect between seasons, while the shell Dore jacket can be folded into a practical internal pocket when (or more likely, if) the day warms. It’s time to embrace the unpredictable.