The Harvey Nichols Hamper Buying Guide 2019Discover everyone's perfect match.

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The Harvey Nichols Guide to Buying a Christmas Hamper 2019

No matter what their personality, your nearest and dearest are bound to love a Harvey Nichols Hamper this Christmas. From the party animal, to the more traditional fun lovers, here’s what to buy, for who...

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Common traits:

Rigorous, dapper, loves a tipple.

Usually found:

Catering for his weekly dinner party or enjoying a chilled beer in the winter sun.

He’s the stylish guy – well-groomed and rarely late for an occasion. A lover of fragrant cologne, silk ties and the finest charcuterie, the man titles himself as a proper gent. For this guy, an ensemble of bottles, bar snacks, aromatic coffee and the right company are a daily essential.


Common traits:

Joyous, generous, immaculate hair.

Usually found:

Tasting the latest chocolatier creation or pampering herself at the nail salon.

A natural at making them all come back for more, the hostess with the mostess will keep you on a constant refill. With an array of homemade brownies, pink Champagne truffles and constant glasses of rosé, her events are the highlight on the social calendar.


Common traits:

Never tired, ready-for-anything, optimistic.

Usually found:

Buying a round in the local pub or purchasing a fancy dress outfit.

The party starter needs no introduction, but you won’t be heading home after just one drink when they’re around. Easily excited by the smallest things, the party starter knows how get everyone in the mood to have a good time. Karaoke? They’re game. After work drinks? Always. They arrive armed with great anecdotes, a bottle of Prosecco and never want to go home when the night is over.


Common traits:
Sensible, reliable, can survive a night out on the hilarity of other's drunken actions.

Usually found:

In a yoga class, reading a bestseller or dining at the latest restaurant.

Ah, the designated driver. While they may not have volunteered as tribute, they have thus been declared the parent of the group... the taxi. Though not adverse to the occasional tipple, this favoured-friend doesn't need booze to bring the fun.
They spend the night as your trusted advisor. Should you talk to that hottie in the corner? Should you have just one more drink? They'll even be a shoulder to cry on when you bump into your ex and it all gets too much. But yes, they will be making a mental note of it all to torture you with for days to come. You've been warned.


Common traits:

Organised, loyal, great phone voice.

Usually found:

Reorganising or out at another social event.

There is no one more reliable than the party planner. That person everyone else relies on to get it done. They order the cake, book the table, plan the holiday, and you’ve never had to wait more than half an hour for a reply to an email. They’re someone you can always count on, even when your other half still need reminding.


Common traits:

Attention to detail, expensive taste, enthusiastic.

Usually found:

In a wine bar or at home with their vintage collection.

How do you know if your friend or colleague is a wine connoisseur? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you. They’ll arrive with a bottle under each arm, and swiftly pop the white in the fridge, keeping the red at room temperature. Then they’ll say, “Don’t forget the four S’s. See it, swirl it, smell it, sip it.” Finally, they’ll whip out the cheese board, because every wine connoisseur knows a glass of wine means an excuse to eat cheese.