Floral Street
“I have poured my 30 years’ experience on some of the best brands in the world into this bottle.”
Floral Street Founder, Michelle Feeney

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Michelle Feeney is kind of a big deal. This is the woman responsible for some of the biggest beauty brands in the world. Crème de la Mer, MAC, St Tropez, Michelle has launched the products that we have come to know, love and not be able to survive without.

So, when we hear she's behind a new fragrance launch; one that promises to to break tradition; one that speaks of bunches not bouquets, ingredients not notes; one that offers a much more informal approach to fragrance, we sat up and took notice. Find out why...



“I have got a 13 year old daughter and she is Lush mad. This is a billion pound brand that knows how to speak to their customer and then on the other side of the spectrum you have Jo Malone London who does an amazing job but is very grown up. I realised there was this gap in the middle for fine fragrance and I thought I'm going to go into that space.

I had lived in New York for 13 years and when I came back, I sort of had to learn to become a Londoner again. Just the vibrancy, the diversity of London, this mashed up culture that we have, makes it a really exciting place to be. We have created a whole new fashion. I like the idea of bunches not bouquets. We import flowers from around the world and put them together, much as we do people.”


“Fragrance is about creating mood and memory; each fragrance should evolve and change with you throughout the day, so it becomes quite individual. Jerome Epinette is well known for Byredo, Atelier and many others but he made me so inspired by what he created. When I met him, he paired me with ‘Goddess’; I literally cried when I smelt it. He made my vision become an emotional reality by the fragrances he created.

The niche fragrances have opened us up to the idea you can have a whole wardrobe of fragrances and I am just adapting that, with a more accessible pricepoint. I know in the morning if I am having a particular meeting I will want to smell a particular way to help boost how I want to be. And then in the evening I definitely go deeper, darker and more intense. That’s why we have created these different bunches because it isn’t just about an individual, it’s about those moods.”


“For me to come back in to an industry that I had stepped out of, I needed to know I was going to bring something different. Fragrance is very heavily over-packaged and notoriously lavish. I wanted to challenge us to do it in a different way. We went to a 170 year old paper manufacture who were doing innovation with pulp. We wanted to make a modern brand that is the best it can be at helping the environment.”


From pulp to form, it takes less than 1 minute for the packaging to be made.

Orris root, found in Iris Goddess, is three times more expensive than gold.

The unlikely ingredient of Tiramsu can be found in Ylang Ylang Expresso.