How To Style A Men’s Winter CoatFrom men's parkas to wool overcoats, and timeless trenches

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We know it’s hard to accept, but plummeting temperatures, cosy nights in and 4pm sunsets mean only one thing, winter is finally here.

And what better way to welcome the new season than treating yourself to a new designer winter coat. From parkas and shearlings to a classic trench, the perfect coat oozes practicality and style.

Whether you want to exude sophistication or prefer to keep it casual, we believe that complimenting your winter coat with the right outfit is crucial – from designer trainers to knitwear, trousers, and accessories. Get inspired below and discover expert tips for styling your favourite men’s designer coats and jackets.


Making its debut amid the swinging ‘60s, the men’s parka coat would become synonymous with one group, in particular the Mods.

Famous for embracing sharp suits and clean lines, why not take inspiration from the ‘60s Mod era and style your parka with a smart Oxford shirt or knitted roll-neck jumper with a pair of fitted jeans or tailored trousers.

After two decades in the fashion wilderness, with an air of swagger and a lot of attitude, the explosion of Britpop in the early ‘90s and with bands like Oasis dominating the world stage meant that the parka became the coat of choice for those looking to unleash their inner Liam Gallagher.

Its distinctive features including long-line length, loose-fitting, and large front pockets means that the parka meets the criteria of any occasion.

When you’re busy in the office, a pair of formal trousers go perfectly with a heavy parka layered on top and when you’ve clocked off, keep it casual with a pair of straight-leg or skinny jeans.

If you’re looking to go classical then Canada Goose’s water-resistant khaki parka would be an ideal choice or for a hoodless option, look to Nudie Jeans green cotton-twill parka.

If you’re searching for a parka with more of a sleek fit and finish, then we would recommend something like Givenchy’s black shell parka or a rubberised raincoat from RAINS.

The parka’s ability to be styled with anything makes it truly special, but if you’re serious about looking chic this winter then you need the right trainers to match. To complement the Parka’s long-length design, leather or suede low-top trainers is an ideal combination.

To complement the Parka’s long-length design, leather or suede low-top sneaker is an ideal combination. Go bold with a pair of white suede sneakers from Off-White or Gucci’s Ace black leather pair. For more of a subtle look, FEAR OF GOD’s cream leather sneakers are a great fit.


Looking for something longer? The overcoat has been an integral part of any gentleman’s formal wardrobe since its conception in the late 18th century. Adopted by the Teddy Boys in the ‘50s, overcoats were traditionally single or double-breasted in style and would finish just above the knee. With the help of Peaky Blinder’s Tommy Shelby, the desire for a formal overcoat remains strong, modern designers are now showing a willingness to experiment with more informal styles like layering a single-breasted overcoat over a casual hoodie, oversized sweatshirt, or a denim jacket.

How an overcoat fits is everything, if you’re looking to wear it over something more formal like a suit then you must leave enough room in the shoulders to accommodate your blazer underneath. For a more casual look, go one size down and choose an overcoat with a softer shoulder to achieve a sleeker look.

For sophisticated looks, darker coloured overcoats like Fear of Gods’ single-breasted black wool coat and Valentino’s floral appliquéd wool coat will always provide an elegant finish. If you want to make more of a statement this season, then opt for a brown checked coat from Dries Van Noten for a perfect alternative.

It’s common to pair an overcoat with low-top sneakers, but this season’s fashion has shown that designers are ready to switch things up. For a casual ensemble, why not style your overcoat with a relaxed fit hoodie, black chinos, and a pair of Rick Owens men’s hi-tops or Valentino’s leather one stud hi-top sneakers.


With the help of Thomas Burberry and John Emary during the 19th century, the trench coat is now regarded as a quintessential part of British fashion. The trench’s classic design was first developed during World War One as a lighter and waterproof alternative to the itchy, heavy long wool overcoat soldiers worn at the time.

Thankfully, the boggy trenches of WW1 are behind us, but the trench coat is here to stay, its distinct double-breasted, belted waist style and water-repellent properties have meant that the humble trench is more popular than ever.

Its military roots have also meant that the trench coat is versatile and quite simply can be styled with any outfit you may have in your wardrobe. The coat’s lightweight, tailored design makes it smart enough to wear with a suit or look just as good with a smart polo and black jeans on a night out.

To find your perfect trench, you need to consider length, if you are on the shorter side, a trench coat, which finishes mid-thigh, would be ideal. For those of you lucky enough to be over six feet tall, a trench that finishes at the knee or lower would be a more suitable choice.

Next, it is all about the colour, you need to decide whether you are going to stick with traditional trench staples of khaki and beige or if you fancy going against the grain then why not opt for a military green or a mid-grey style trench.

For a more off-duty look, team your trench up with a flannel shirt, designer sweatpants, and a chunkier style trainer, a pair of Balenciaga mesh sneakers, or Amiri’s panelled trainers are perfectly suitable for this style.


Going back as far as the Iron Age, shearling coats and jackets first gained notoriety in 1940 during the Battle of Britain, brave young RAF pilots were often pictured donning the distinctive furry shearling collar.

Since then, the shearling coat has cemented itself as a true Hollywood icon, from Tom Cruise’s iconic US Navy shearling bomber jacket to Steve Buscemi’s suede shearling coat in Fargo. Whether it’s made from sheepskin or using manufactured alternatives, there is something special about that fluffy collar which makes any man look effortlessly cool.

Emulate Maverick’s iconic look by combining a classic leather shearling like BODA SKINS’ leather biker jacket with a white t-shirt and fitted black jeans and for something a bit more formal, pairing designer polo and tailored trousers works just as well.

In terms of size, shorter, stockier guys should go for a longer design like Givenchy’s black shearling trimmed coat, whereas taller men should look at more cropped designs and styles Amiri’s cream shearling jacket for style inspiration.

The shearling’s bomber style typically lends itself to heavier designs such as flannel shirts, black jeans, designer hoodies, and a pair of low-top sneakers like Palm Angels’ white leather sneakers or Moncler’s black leather sneakers would finish off this classic look nicely. For a more relaxed vibe, pair an oversized shearling with designer sweatpants and Gucci’s chunky logo-print leather trainers.

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