L’Oréal Paris X BALMAINThree moods. Three tribes. One must-see exclusive.

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Did you know that one L'Oréal Color Riche Lipstick is sold worldwide every three seconds? Imagine what would happen if it got into the hands of one of the most influential designers in the world – someone to take its popularity to new levels.

Two of the greatest Parisian institutions have joined forces for a coup de force; a collection of twelve lipsticks that possess all of Balmain's typical drama and glamour, combined with celebrating diversity in all its forms.

“The L'Oréal Paris Team and I worked together to develop three families – three tribes of women – each associated with a great variety of shades, and each expressing a key element of Balmain's singular DNA.”
Olivier Rousteing, Creative Director, Balmain Paris

The question is, which Balmain girl are you?



“The tagline says it all: 'United we are invincible.' Of course after years of celebrating beauty and diversity, there was no way I would agree to partner on a line unless it celebrated all of us.

There is a shade here for everyone. Some are ideal for black skin, others for Asian, others for white. Whatever tone is needed, it is here and the strong women of the L'Oréal Paris X Balmain Army can find the look that is right for them.“


So much of what modern beauty is today is very far from how previous generations once defined beauty. Those tired and exclusionary standards are receding into the past. For this collection, I'm proud of how we pushed the collection further, in a new way.

We offer shades that speak as much to our own personality as to your natural skin tone.