One to one with Charlotte TilburyWe speak to the makeup artist everyone wants to know

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She says more 'darlings' than Patsy Stone.
She counts Poppy Delevingne and Kate Moss amongst her closest friends.
Then there's the global business emporium that has shocked and delighted the beauty industry.

Who wouldn't want to talk to the eclectic, bohemian and utterly fascinating Charlotte Tilbury?



How did your glamorous upbringing in Ibiza influence your take on beauty?

Growing up in Ibiza I was surrounded by fabulous creatives and visionaries. My formative years were marked by watching my incredibly talented father, Lance, develop his raw talent against the backdrop of such a magical island. He gave me an amazing foundation in colours, tonality and contrasts.

The light, vibrancy and energy of Ibiza are constant sources of inspiration for my work. From the powdery sands of Malibu beach, to the mesmerising sunsets across the water, the island really draws you in. It’s such a carefree and hypnotic place; I always leave feeling recharged and full of ideas for new shades, looks and products.


Your success within the beauty space is unrivalled, what was your big break?

A real turning point for me was meeting Mary Greenwell. I remember my parents' friends looking at a Vogue cover of Jerry Hall and saying: ‘look at what Mary Greenwell has done’. She opened my eyes to the world of makeup. I’d always been fascinated by the power a beautiful woman has when she enters a room and I wanted to understand that type of beauty and how its magnetic pull can command attention.

I became Mary’s assistant and the rest is history. Mary was and still is an incredible mentor. Her name opened up many doors for me. I started assisting her at an incredible time in the industry – the 80s and 90s supermodel era of Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and Christy Turlington.


You have famously stated that you will not be seen without makeup on. If you had to strip it back to three products what would they be?

Darling I can’t answer that – it’s like choosing a favourite child. Without my makeup on I don’t feel like me; it really is every woman’s secret weapon. If I had to choose the top three essentials I’m addicted to...

MASCARA: I first discovered it aged 13 and it transformed my life – I never go anywhere without it. I spent years searching for 'The One' and used to cocktail up to five mascaras to create the effect I desired: curl, length, volume, separation and drama. My genius Full Fat Lashes mascara ticks all the boxes and has a special laser-cut, five-grooved brush to deposit mascara right at the root of the lashes.

BROWS: Eyebrows are actually the key to facial identity, they’re what makes us recognisable. My revolutionary new Sculpt & Shade Gel, enriched with Magic Elasticizing Wax and Vitamin E, glides on like a dream and has an innovative Micro-Fine Miracle Precision Brush that coats, shades and grooms every single hair.

LIPSTICK: It’s happiness in a tube; lipstick boosts your confidence, brightens your complexion and adds instant glamour to any outfit. My new Hot Lips collection celebrates the mood-enhancing powers lipstick has. I wear Kim K-W.


  • I am happiest when…
    I’m either in Ibiza with my husband and two boys surrounded by its magical beauty, at work with my incredible Team Tilbury, or in Notting Hill exploring all the treasure trove shops – it’s an odyssey.

    If I ruled the world I would ban…
    Negativity. There’s a positive in every negative – life is limitless.

    Everyone should always…
    Prep the skin — I’m obsessed. If you don’t have a beautiful canvas, you’re not going to create a beautiful painting.

    The best beauty product EVER invented is…
    It’s so hard to choose! My Magic Cream – it’s every woman’s secret weapon for dreamy, luminous skin; my Life-Changing Eyelash Curlers – they’re a push-up bra for the lashes; and my Legendary Lashes mascara – which gives you a Hollywood false lash effect in seconds!

the best things come in small doses

Gloss or lipstick?
Both. Lipstick is confidence in a tube and really lifts the complexion, while a pop of gloss helps the lips look instantly fuller.

Concealer or foundation?
Both but my Magic Foundation tightens pores, illuminates the skin and gives you a gorgeous youthful glow.

Perfect pout or lashings of liner?
Liner. My Feline Flick eyeliner pen works on every face shape to elongate your eyes and lift your features, leaving you with an intense, cat-like gaze.

Strobing or Contouring?
Contouring. It enhances and defines your facial framework, showcasing your features through the use of light and shadow. I use my Filmstar Bronze & Glow to literally lift the face - giving you killer cheekbones, a defined jaw and a slimmer nose.