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Whether you love a full on, full-bodied Bordeaux or can’t resist a mellow Merlot our luxury red wine guide has all you need to make a well-informed and, perhaps more importantly, delicious choice. Maybe you’re planning to give it as a gift, perhaps you’re after a few bottles for a special event, either way, our collection will inspire.

Which Red Wines Make Good Presents?

The answer all depends on who you’re shopping for.

So, if it won’t give the game away and spoil the surprise, try striking up a casual wine-focused conversation to gauge their preferences. If you’re lucky, they might come right out and tell you the name of their favourite bottle. If not, we can help.

When the red wine lover you know adores sipping on slightly lighter red wines, the La Rioja Alta Viña Arana Rioja Gran Reserva 2012 made with plum jam, red berries and wild strawberries never fails. Aged for three years in oak, this beautiful bottle wows with notes of vanilla for a light yet fulfilling blend.

For fans of fuller-bodied reds with a rich bouquet, Penfolds red wine is just the thing - in particular the iconic Grange 2017. A ‘dark and brooding’ red, this bottle will knock their socks off whether they drink it now or allow it to age and improve for a decade or two.

Which Red Wines Make Good Presents?

To make sure you have the best possible bottle for the event you're attending, think about who it's for and when they're most likely to enjoy it.

For weddings, why not present the happy couple with a beautiful red wine gift set? We highly recommend The Rothschild Collection Château Clarke Listrac-Médoc 2010 Limited Edition set. And luckily for you, rumours of the collection being sold out have been quashed after a few precious bottles were eventually discovered in the Rothschild family’s private cellar. This is certainly the right choice for avid wine collectors.

These stunning, limited edition original wooden cases contain six bottles of Bordeaux vintage wine – perfect for newly-wed date nights, dinner parties or even an anniversary.

At those more laid-back occasions like a birthday or dinner party, you’re probably looking for something that the whole group can enjoy on the night.

In this case, a great Pinot Noir, a Shiraz or a Malbec is always a good choice. All are well-known crowd pleasers and will usually slip seamlessly into the night’s menu without contradicting food pairings.

Perfectly Pairing Red Wine With Dinner

Finding the perfect food a wine pairing may be simpler than you think. When it comes to chicken dishes, try a light Pinot Noir or Zinfandel if it’s grilled or roasted, or a fuller-bodied Merlot or Cabernet for poultry cooked in rich sauces. With red meat, a Malbec or full-bodied Tempranillo is a match made in heaven.

Even if there’s fish on the menu you can still make it work. Especially if the cut being served has a particularly bold flavour. Opt for a Malbec or Pinot Noir with popular fatty fish dishes such as bluefin tuna, salmon and mackerel. The acidity of these wines works perfectly with the richness of the fish to bring out the best of both flavours.

What Else Does Red Wine Pair Well With?

A good rule of thumb when pairing red wine is to remember that it generally plays very well with full, rich flavours. So for starters, grab yourself a premium bottle of Harvey Nichols’ Red Wine and a grazing platter loaded with powerful and preferably aged cheeses.

Try Gouda with Harvey Nichols Tupungato Malbec, Gruyere with Simpsons Wine Estate Rabbit Hole Pinot Noir 2019, and finally, cheddar with a Meerlust red wine - the Cabernet Sauvignon 2017.

When it comes to main courses, it's all about red meat dishes. Think steak, braised beef, slow-cooked stew, or for a veggie option, pasta with red sauce and mushrooms. And yes, red wine also happens to be the perfect accompaniment to both milk and dark chocolate – so you can carry on enjoying it for all three courses.

Which Are The Best Non-Alcoholic And Vegan Red Wines?

If you’re looking to elevate your red wine case with some vegan-friendly options, look to Querciabella. This may well be the world’s only completely cruelty-free, biodynamic winery and we highly recommend adding their wildly popular Chianti Classico Reserva 2016 to your lineup.

For a non-alcoholic option, the Domaine de la Prade Organic Alcohol-Free red by Oddbird is our top pick. World-class wine without the alcohol, this surprisingly full-bodied beverage comes alive with notes of plum, tangy cherry, burnt caramel and pepper. It's also a beautiful bottle both inside and making it as ideal for drinking as it is for putting proudly on display.

For more inspiration and to shop our extensive range of luxury food and wine, then why not whet the appetite even more and check out what our full food and wine edit has to offer.