Material World: Reducing Fashion’s Footprint

Sunday School by Harvey Nichols is a new podcast series bringing together leaders and influencers from the worlds of fashion, beauty and wellness. In our first episode of Sunday School by Harvey Nichols, our guests Cara Smyth of the Fair Fashion Center and fashion journalist Tamsin Blanchard discuss the power of brands and shoppers alike to help reduce waste, pollution and unethical practices in the fashion industry.

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Forget black. This year, green will be gaining ground as more designers emphasise ethical fashion, sustainable fabrics and reduced textile waste, as discussed in our first episode of Sunday School by Harvey Nichols.

Addressing questions about sustainability – including what exactly it means – the podcast delves into the murky world of fashion-industry pollution and what companies like Fashion Revolution are doing to counter it. As Blanchard says in Episode 1, “The fashion business has been completely built on smoke and mirrors and secrecy and confidentiality. Really, they need to start opening up and sharing what is going on, because if they don't know what’s happening in their supply chains, they can't fix it.”

Labels like Stella McCartney and Veja have been focusing on sustainability and ethical labour practices for many years. And now there’s a roster of young brands – including Wald Berlin and By Far – following suit. Read on to find out more about how the industry is starting to address these issues.

Read on to hear from the labels fighting against fast fashion.

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