THE TOKYOJIN STORIESDiscover Tokyo through the eyes of the people who live there

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A special production to celebrate the collaboration between Harvey Nichols and iconic Japanese store BEAMS, the TOKYOJIN stories are a four-part video series. Created in partnership with the creative minds at - a Tokyo-centric, community-driven initiative, the four short stories each feature distinct areas of Tokyo — Nakameguro and Daikanyama, Harajuku and Shibuya, Shinjuku and Yanaka, Ginza and Aoyama — and four distinct heroes. Each individuals, collectively they are Tokyo.

TOKYOJIN Part 1: Nakameguro / Daikanyama

A tranquil haven for the laid-back creative set famous for its tree lined river, independent boutiques, and terrace cafes. This tranquility creates a soothing balance and the urban landscape changes with the seasons, as does the mood of its residents. Your heart rests here, wholly and peacefully. One feels equally removed from the city as they do part of it. It’s Tokyo’s urban oasis, timeless and pure.

TOKYOJIN Part 2: Shinjuku / Yanaka

Old town. It’s Tokyo frozen in time. While the rest of Tokyo changes by the day, Shinjuku and Yanaka are time capsules imbued with a mystifying narcotic essence. They’re still here, in their primary colours, stubborn and lived in.

TOKYOJIN Part 3: Harajuku / Shibuya

The birthplace of street fashion as we know it today. A place where one can become anyone as long as that someone is bold, fearless, and treats fashion as an expression and extension of their own attitude and personality.

TOKYOJIN Part 4: Ginza / Aoyama

The glitz, the glamour, it’s all a facade. Behind it all lies a deep history and legacy of craftsmanship and dedicated artisans. The Japanese have a different understanding of luxury. The ‘brand as badge’ mentality doesn’t hold much value. When it comes to luxury, it’s just as much about where it’s from, as who it’s for.