Meet Fatima
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Meet Fatima

In support of International Women's Day

It is International Women’s Day this weekend. The OXO women have spoken, here is the first of three short interviews with some of the amazing women instrumental in the running of the OXO Tower.

Fatima has worked in the OXO kitchen for nearly 4 years and describes her friends at work as ‘family’, despite it being a male heavy environment. And this is a true credit to her glowing personality, which we have all grown to love.

Fatima’s strongest belief is that women are powerful, that a woman’s job never ends and life is a juggling act. Fatima starts at 6.30am each morning in the OXO kitchen and has two jobs, the second of which follows in the evening after finishing the shift. On top of this Fatima cares for her Father in the small amounts of spare time left over.

“You are the one that keeps the show going, you have to be yourself and your collective.”

With this matter-of-fact approach it comes as no surprise to learn that Fatima has a military background. From the age of 18 to 31 she served in the Portuguese Army, crediting her dedicated attitude towards her work and family from this time in the military.

Fatima’s concluding advice is to be strong and to try not to worry about what people think of you. If you feel something good inside your heart, there’s no reason to worry about anything else.

Written by: Elisha from OXO

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