Lillet Aperitif visit to Bordeaux
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Lillet Aperitif visit to Bordeaux

We saw where Lillet is made and fell in love all over again

A beautiful blend of aged wine and multiple fruits, Lillet is known for its sweet, light taste. Sipped with a splash of tonic (or neat if you’re in France) it truly is a French staple.

As we work closely with Lillet some of the Harvey Nichols team were invited to visit their distillery in Podensac, a small village south of Bordeaux. The birthplace of Lillet aperitif since 1872, it quickly grew from a local winemakers to an international business with Lillet being drunk across the world.

Once they landed they were taken on a lunch and tour of the original distillery – an afternoon to remember! After learning about the history of the brand they were shown into the production factory, where the wines and fruits are l’assemblage (French for blended) in different stages of their fermentation in order to create a well balanced, unique drink. Lillet source all of their produce from businesses local to Bordeaux which enable them to recycle 90% of their waste.  The next day the team sailed out to the Oyster farms of Arcachon Bay. They say the best way to drink Lillet is from an empty oyster shell – our sources confirmed this! (For more recipes on how to pair Lillet with food, head on over to their website).

They returned to the UK ready to share their new-found knowledge with the rest of the team and try out some new cocktails!

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