Meet Ahoua
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Meet Ahoua

In support of International Women's Day

It is International Women’s Day this weekend. The OXO women have spoken, presenting the second of three interviews with some of the amazing women instrumental in the running of the OXO empire.

Ahoua is one of our longest serving kitchen porters (KP). She started at OXO in 2012, and is a well-respected member of the team, twice nominated for the KP of the year award. The role of KP is a predominantly male dominated profession, and Ahoua is the only female KP OXO has. However, growing up with three brothers Ahoua remains un-phased by this aspect of her job.

When Ahoua started out as a KP, she was told that it wasn’t a “woman’s job”, that it would be too high-pressure, especially as she was just starting to learn English. Nevertheless, Ahoua was persistent, maintaining that “as a woman you must fight for your place”. Five years later she is confident and well established in her position.

Ahoua says that although she is confident in herself and her capabilities, sometimes women can second guess their own abilities and a high-pressure job isn’t for everyone; adding that some people think being a KP is easy, but it definitely is not.

From just talking to Ahoua for 20 minutes, her energy is infectious and her willingness to give anyone a helping hand in their daily job is truly commendable. Ahoua describes herself as open-minded and reliable, always ready for whatever is handed to her. It is more than safe to say that she is a large cog in the collective wheel that runs OXO.

Some parting advice from Ahoua is that life is tough, but you must fight to insert yourself somewhere and make yourself known, don’t say no and always try to further yourself. If you want to do something keep going and you’ll achieve it.

Written by: Elisha from OXO


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