Meet Nadezda!
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Meet Nadezda!

In support of International Women's Day

It is International Women’s Day this weekend. The OXO women have spoken, here is the final of the three interviews with some of the amazing women instrumental in the running of the OXO empire.

Nadezda has worked Front of House at OXO for 9 years. Nadezda has been promoted twice and has had two children in this time. Starting out as a receptionist, Nadezda embraced every opportunity possible to further her career by attending training in her spare time to advance her understanding of the role and perfect the English language. This dedication lead to her first promotion to Assistant Receptionist, shortly before the birth of her first child. Nadezda is now Head receptionist and has just returned from her second maternity leave.

Nadezda tells me that her individualism comes through in the role of Head Receptionist, from leading by example to always being ready and well presented. On juggling the sleep deprivation of raising children with work, she says “no matter how tired, or if you’ve had a bad day you cannot bring it to work with you. Part of my job is to always be as welcoming as possible”. Often being the first face guests see, Nadezda does this exceptionally well.

As the interview comes to an end I ask Nadezda if she has any any advice for women looking to start a career in hospitality. Her response was simple, “set yourself targets and believe in yourself. Often as women we don’t give ourselves enough credit or trust our vision, but we are capable of so much more than we know.”

Written by: Elisha from OXO

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